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Season Two
Madam Secretary
Season Premiere October 4, 2015
Season Finale May 8, 2016
Episode Count 23



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Season Three

Season Two of Madam Secretary premiered on October 4, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
23 1 The Show Must Go On Barbara Hall Morgan Freeman October 4, 2015 11.794M 1.4% 202
Elizabeth must take the oath of office when the President's plane disappears over the Pacific Ocean. Also, Henry is asked to recruit one of his Russian students to work for the U.S. government by Jane Fellows, his new Defense Intelligence Agency handler.
24 2 The Doability Doctrine David Grae Eric Stoltz October 11, 2015 11.152M 1.5% 201
After Elizabeth receives advice from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, she chooses to ignore President Dalton's recommendation on how to negotiate the safe return of a State Department employee who was kidnapped in Afghanistan. Also, Henry must find a way to persuade his student, Dmitri, to spy for the U.S. government.
25 3 The Rusalka Matt Ward Dennie Gordon October 18, 2015 9.606M 1.2% 203
Elizabeth and President Dalton's administration are met with hostility while trying to deal with the Russian government. Also, Dmitri is kidnapped and interrogated about being a Russian spy.
26 4 Waiting for Taleju Joy Gregory Felix Alcala October 25, 2015 10.812M 1.3% 204
Elizabeth finds herself pushed out of the President's inner circle after she disagrees with his response to the growing tension with Russia. Also, when incriminating photos of Stevie and Harrison surface, Elizabeth and Henry must deal with the aftermath and try to protect their daughter from the media.
27 5 The Long Shot Moira Kirland Rob Greenlea November 1, 2015 9.467M 1.1% 205
In the wake of President Ostrov's death, Elizabeth and President Dalton fear a power grab within the Russian government. Also, the government's Cybersecurity Coordinator Oliver Shaw works to identify the hacker who interfered with the communication system on Air Force One, and Jay devises a plan to fight Russian propaganda.
28 6 Catch and Release Alex Cooley Charlotte Brandstrom November 8, 2015 10.59M 1.3% 206
After an American aid worker is killed in Syria by the first known American ISIS leader, Elizabeth recalls all aid workers stationed there, including her brother, Will, and makes it her mission to get justice for the victim. Also, Henry is conflicted when Dmitri asks for help saving Ivan, who has been called back to Moscow.
29 7 You Say You Want a Revolution Joan Rater &
Tony Phelan
Tate Donovan November 15, 2015 10.612M 1.4% 207
With the support of President Dalton, Elizabeth attempts to get the Senate's support for a history-making effort to lift the Cuban trade embargo. Also, Henry and Alison bond while touring Havana together.
30 8 Lights Out Alexander Maggio Dennie Gordon November 22, 2015 9.906M 1.1% 208
As tensions rise with Russia, Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. hatch a plan to oust Craig Sterling from his role as National Security Advisor without tarnishing President Dalton with a scandal. Also, Ephraim Ware, the Director of National Intelligence, identifies who hacked Air Force One.
31 9 Russian Roulette Barbara Hall Jonathan Brown November 29, 2015 9.96M 1.3% 209
Shortly before Elizabeth is to deliver a speech at the United Nations accusing Russia for the attack on Air Force One, Henry shares information that makes her reconsider her theory.
32 10 The Greater Good David Grae Eric Stoltz December 13, 2015 10.136M 1.3% 210
After they uncover a secret that could ruin Maria Ostrov's reputation, Elizabeth and President Dalton head to Switzerland to meet with her and use the information as leverage to find a peaceful solution to the escalated conflict with Russia. Also, Dmitri requests to be released from his duties as a spy.
33 11 Unity Node Matt Ward Jet Wilkinson January 10, 2016 8.971M 1% 211
Elizabeth tries to salvage a peace deal with Russia after an unexpected turn of events threatens to dissolve the agreement. Also, Elizabeth gets dragged into dealing with an emergency situation aboard the International Space Station.
34 12 The Middle Way Lyla Oliver James Whitmore, Jr. January 17, 2016 11.871M 2% 212
35 13 Invasive Species Moira Kirland Tony Phelan January 31, 2016 10.201M 1.1% 213
36 14 Left of the Boom Joy Gregory Rob Greenlea February 14, 2016 10.061M 1.2% 214
37 15 Right of the Boom Alexander Maggio Jonathan Brown February 21, 2016 10.725M 1.2% 215
38 16 Hijriyyah Alex Cooley Charlotte Brandstrom March 6, 2016 10.194M 1.1% 216
39 17 Higher Learning Kelly Jane Costello Heather Cappiello March 20, 2016 9.487M 1.1% 217
40 18 On the Clock Barbara Hall &
David Grae
Zetna Fuentes March 27, 2016 8.496M 1% 218
41 19 Desperate Remedies Matt Ward Rob Greenlea April 10, 2016 9.864M 1.1% 219
42 20 Ghost Detainee Moira Kirland Charlotte Brandstrom April 17, 2016 9.574M 0.9% 220
43 21 Connection Lost Joy Gregory Jonathan Brown April 24, 2016 9.573M 1% 221
44 22 Render Safe David Grae Felix Alcala May 1, 2016 9.9M 1% 222
45 23 Vartius Barbara Hall Eric Stoltz May 8, 2016 9.989M 1% 223

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