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Teacher Pets
Season 6, Episode 21
Airdate April 5, 1992
Production Number 621
Written by Katherine Green
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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The Goodbye Girl
Married... with ChildrenSeason Six
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Teacher Pets is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of Married... with Children, and the one hundred twenty-sixth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Bert L. Cook (Ernie), Charlotte Ross (Darlene), Linda Gibboney (Miss McGowen), Ric Coy (Kid), Lillian Adams (Mrs. Mariner)


Plot Summary

Bud dates two sexy women: His english teacher and classmate; Al goes out every night eating pizzas while Peg stays home with the flu.


The original premise for the second classroom scene was to have Miss McGowen and Darlene sit on either side of Bud, caress him and then fight over him. But at the last minute just before that scene was shot, writer Katherine Green decided to change the plot including taking out the fight part and just have Darlene caress Bud and then bring in Mrs. Adams announcing herself as the new instructor.

Arc Advancement



Miss McGowen: Bud's 41-year-old english professor. Darlene: His 22-year-old girlfriend. Mrs. Mariner: Miss McGowen's replacement.



This episode is also known as "Bud Between Two Women."

Charlotte Ross, who guess stars in this episode, co-starred with Katey Sagal in the TV movie "Violation of Trust."

The Show

Behind the Scenes

A photographer took a picture of actresses Linda Gibboney and Charlotte Ross, who are guest stars in this episode. They hugged each other for the camera wearing identical black mini dresses, which they wore in the classroom scene. The photographer had approached them just before before doing that scene.

Ed O' Neil was in his dressing room just an hour before taping began privately practicing singing the theme to "Psycho Dad." So much so that he was doing it kind of loudly and some of the actors close by his dressing room heard him.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


Bud: (Deep Thoughts) What could this be? I hope she didnt notice me staring obsessively at her legs.

Ms. McGowen: Mr. Bundy, I noticed you during class staring obsessively at my legs.

Bud: Well at least she didn't catch me looking at other things.

Ms. McGowen: And other things.

Bud: Gulp!

Darlene: I can't help but think you must be quite a lover if (In a sexy voice) an older woman wants you.

Bud: (Deep Thoughts) Two, Two, Two babes at once.

Darlene: Drop Dead! If you can't satisfy a older woman like Ms. McGowen, what the hell would I want with you?

Al: And another thing, she lied about her age. Last time she was 41 was 1841.


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