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The Stepford Peg
Season 11, Episode 10
Airdate January 6, 1997
Production Number 1101
Written by Valerie Ahern
Christian McLaughlin
Directed by Amanda Bearse
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Bud on the Side
Married... with ChildrenSeason Eleven
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The Stepford Peg is the tenth episode of the eleventh season of Married... with Children, and the two hundred forty-fifth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Harold Sylvester (Griff), E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney), Tom McCleister (Ike), Ron-Ann Frey (Sally), Larry McKay (TV Announcer)


Plot Overview

Peggy slips on one of her Chocolate Bonbons,trips,and hits her head on the edge of the Coffee Table.She falls to the floor,but gets up,and collapses on the Sofa.Some time goes by,Al arrives Home,sees Peggy lying on the Sofa.He figures she has been laying there all day.He gets his own Beer.Soon Kelly,and Bud arrive Home arguing over some trivia matter.This argument soon ceases when Kelly of all people notices that Peggy does'nt look right even in her sleeplike condition.Peggys sleeplike condition is good to Al since he can get some needed peace,and quiet.Until,Al removes his shoes,and the odor emulating from his feet revives Peggy.There goes Al's quiet time.When Peggy awakes,she has no memory of who Al,Kelly,and Bud are.This becomes Music to Al's ears,and even better when Peggy does not know who she is.Al tries to usher Peggy out the Door,and to the nearest Bus Station.However,Kelly tries to help her regain her memory.Peggy is convinced that Al,and the others are her Family.To the Families surprize,Peggy offers to Cook them Dinner.Al sees an opportunity in Peggys lost memory.He sets up a schedule for Peggy to follow,using a Chart.He will have Peggy work for 24 Hours.The schedule works perfectly for Al,and the Kids.Peggy not only Cooks,but she cleans,and shops for Groceries for the Family.She even gets Al's favorite Magazine,"Big Ums".Peggy will later cook for a Party that Al's plans for his No Maam Friends.The Party becomes a success until Al seeing Peggy Cook,and dressed up in a Maids Outfit desries to make Love to her.He had earlier told her that she hates Sex,but in this case,Al wants to make Love to Peggy fast.Unfortunately,for Al,this quick romp with Peggy proves his undoing.Peggy snaps out of her perfect wife condition,and becomes her lazy self again.Having remember what Al did to her,she decides to punish him in the one way that she knows Al hates.A longer version of the romp with her.


Peggy becomes the latest TV Character to develope Amnesia.

Arc Advancement


Peggy is watching a television while eating Bonbons.Al sets up a Chart to show how long Peggy will work.


Al,Peggy,Marcy,Jefferson,Kelly,Bud,Griff,Ike,Bob Rooney,and Girl with Sign.


Griff reminds Al of how close he came to being executed in the Electric Chair(because of the Practical Jokes played on him)when they forgot to spring him from a Prison Cell.


This episodes Title has a play on words to the Movie "The Stefford Wives".

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Peggy slipping on a Bonbon,and falling to the Floor.Al removing his Shoes,to the reaction of Kelly,and Bud,and awakening Peggy.Marcy calling Peggy the laziest B-Word in Chicago.The Girl walking with a Sign,but holding the sign upside down.



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