Marry Me/Season One

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Season One
Marry Me
Season Premiere October 14, 2014
Season Finale February 17, 2015
Episode Count 18 (4 unaired)
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Season One of Marry Me premiered on October 14, 2014.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot David Caspe Seth Gordon October 14, 2014 7.54M 2.3%
After returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake is all set to pop the question on bended knee, but before he can ask, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. Annie tries to make amends with a proposal of her own but the comedy of errors continues. The only thing we know for sure is that these two are destined to be together - whether they can get it together or not.
2 2 Move Me David Caspe &
Erik Sommers
Seth Gordon October 21, 2014 5.61M 1.8%
Jake moves into Annie's apartment and she begins to feel the pinch of having to share her space with someone. She confesses her claustrophobia to her dads Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 but her stress continues to mount. Meanwhile, Gil discovers an all-you-can-eat buffet where he can eat for one low price all day - as long as he never leaves the restaurant.
3 3 Scary Me Jackie Clarke Roger Kumble October 28, 2014 5.06M 1.5%
Annie and Jake plan a haunted house in their apartment for the kids in their building but their plans run afoul of a super-mom Julie. Dennah plans to make a big splash at an exclusive party in a very skimpy costume. Meanwhile, Gil and Kay go trick-or-treating and use the opportunity to spy incognito on Gil's ex-wife.
4 4 Annicurser-Me Jordan Cahan Robert B. Weide November 4, 2014 4.54M 1.3%
As the gang gathers to celebrate Annie and Jake's sixth anniversary of their first date, their plans are disrupted by an epic storm and everyone retreats to the basement for shelter. Gil wows the group with his take-charge attitude, while Annie, Kay and Dennah become completely obsessed with finding out what Jake appears to be hiding in his desk.
5 5 Thank Me Andrew Guest Rob Greenberg November 18, 2014 5.02M 1.5%
Annie decides she would like to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time as a newly-engaged couple but Myrna, Jake's mom, has always hosted. While Myrna appears to be supportive of the change of plans, Annie quickly realizes that she is engaged in a complicated chess match over who will be the most important woman in Jake's life. Meanwhile, Gil goes in search of cheese to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner and discovers that he has a knack for fine cheese tasting. His newfound talents lead him to an underground world of exquisite and unique cheeses.
6 6 Bruges Me Andrew Guest Fred Savage November 25, 2014 3.47M 1.1%
After a meeting with Annie and their wedding officiant Dawn, Jake decides he should get to know Annie's dads better. When Jake and Kevin 1 bond over their love of motorcycles, however, it leads to some pretty serious family trouble, particularly with Kevin 2. Meanwhile, Gil is very excited about his booth at the annual Flemish Pride Parade and enlists Annie to help him prepare a special musical production.
7 7 Win Me Dannah Phirman &
Danielle Schneider
Jay Chandrasekhar December 2, 2014 4.65M 1.3%
When Annie and her newly engaged dads learn that their awesome cousin "Scooby" can only attend one of their weddings, they are drawn into a subversive "bride war" over whose wedding will win out. Meanwhile, after he is stood up by Dennah and Kay, Gil bonds with a group of sixth grade boys over basketball and laser tag.
8 8 Stand by Me Daniel Libman &
Matthew Libman
Reginald Hudlin December 9, 2014 4.64M 1.2%
Annie, Kay and Dennah convince Jake that Gil has become entirely too reliant on him for everything. Jake pushes Gil to take charge of his own life but the disruption in their relationship breaks the balance of the entire group. Meanwhile, Kay reveals she is having trouble letting go of an old love interest.
9 9 Test Me Erica Rivinoja Seth Gordon January 6, 2015 2.06M 0.8%
The gang makes preparations to attend a baby shower but nobody can remember the first name of the host and they have developed elaborate ways to hide this fact. Meanwhile, Annie and Jake are considering their own family planning and their impending appointment with their fertility specialist "Dr. What's-His-Name" has put Jake a little on edge.
10 10 Spoil Me Jordan Cahan &
Daniel Libman &
Matthew Libman
Recbecca Asher January 13, 2015 2.18M 0.7%
When Annie and Jake sit down to watch the highly-anticipated season finale of their favorite program "The Moors," they are shocked to discover that someone appears to have watched it already. Tensions mount and battle lines are drawn as they both vehemently proclaim their innocence. Dennah volunteers her new boyfriend Police Officer Gary Bric and his partner Officer Laguna Matata to perform a polygraph test to determine the real culprit. Everyone is surprised at the results.
11 11 Friend Me Erik Sommers Fred Goss January 27, 2015 2.26M 0.8%
While preparing for the wedding, Annie realizes that Jake needs more groomsmen to match her nine bridesmaids and makes a concerted effort to reunite Jake with his long lost friends. Once "The Boyz" are back in their lives however, Annie finds herself competing with them over who knows Jake the best. She also learns that Daniel may be the real reason behind Jake's falling out with his friends. Meanwhile, Gil persuades Dennah to join him in his newest business venture - diet shakes.
12 12 F Me Danielle Schneider &
Dannah Phirman
Ruben Fleischer February 3, 2015 2.14M 0.8%
After a rousing night out, Annie and Jake deface a sign at their building and find themselves embroiled in a hate-crime investigation in their building. Super-mom Julie is out for blood and mounts a vigorous eviction against the culprit. Annie and Jake consider confessing but then things take an interesting turn. Meanwhile, Gil, Dennah and Kay compete for the one remaining "plus one" spot on the wedding guest list.
13 13 Change Me Erica Rivinoja Reginald Hudlin February 10, 2015 2.18M 0.8%
When Jake becomes exasperated with a few of Annie's quirky habits, he enlists Kay to gently make some adjustments to her behavior. In return, Jake helps Kay plan an awesome Valentine's Day celebration for her new girlfriend Hailey. When Annie realizes the game, she quickly turns the tables, enlisting Kay to amend some of Jake's annoying behavior. Meanwhile, when Gil gets hurt at the Kevin's annual President's Day party, he and Dennah become smitten with the firefighters who respond to their 911 call and then become obsessed with finding them again.
14 14 Dead Me Bridget Kyle &
Vicky Luu
Beth McCarthy-Miller February 17, 2015 2.08M 0.8%
When Kay breaks up with her high-strung girlfriend Brianna, the jilted ex takes out her frustrations on Jake by wiping out his identity. Try as he might, Jake is unable to convince his human resource administrators at work that it is all a big mistake. Seizing the opportunity to become gainfully employed, Gil jumps on the job opening at Jake's company and begins bonding with everyone beautifully - much to Jake's dismay. Meanwhile, Annie, deals with her relentless and impossible-to-please boss Janet L'Amour, who becomes an ever-present fixture in Annie and Jake's life.
15 15 Date Me Erica Rivinoja Rawson Thurber unaired
Gil plans an awesome bachelor party for Jake but things do not go as smoothly as planned. Meanwhile, Annie and Dennah scheme to get Myrna back into the dating game despite her reservations, and Jake's trepidations.
16 16 Mom Me Jackie Clarke Beth McCarthy-Miller unaired
Annie finally meets her biological mom, Pam, and everyone is wowed by her take-charge attitude. However, Pam's presence soon begins to stir up tension with Annie's dads, Kevin and Kevin. Gil is persuaded to do whatever it takes to win a wedding cake making contest.
17 17 Wake Me Matthew Libman &
Daniel Libman
Fred Goss unaired
When Annie discovers that her old flame Lee is in a coma, she takes Jake to the hospital to show off how well she is doing since their breakup. Much to Annie's dismay however, Jake's voice miraculously awakens Lee from the coma and the two become fast friends - but not for long. Meanwhile, Dennah and Gil find that Kay has written a young adult vampire novel and send it to a publisher without her knowledge.
18 18 Surprise Me Andrew Guest &
Jordan Cahan
Rebecca Asher unaired
Annie's honeymoon plans are thrown into disarray when she discovers that she was born in Canada and is not a US citizen. As her family and friends help her to revise for a citizenship test, Jake takes over responsibility for planning their wedding.