Marvel's Runaways

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Marvel's Runaways
Premiere November 21, 2017
Finale December 13, 2019
Creator Josh Schwartz &
Stephanie Savage
Based on the Marvel comics by
Brian K. Vaughan and
Adrian Alphona
Provider Hulu
Style 60-minute superhero drama
Company Fake Empire,
Marvel Television,
ABC Signature
Seasons 3
Episodes 33
Origin USA
Watch Now Hulu

Marvel's Runaways, based on the comics created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand one another but who must unite against a common foe: their parents.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Rhenzy Feliz Alex Wilder * *
Lyrica Okano Nico Minoru * *
Virginia Gardner Karolina Dean * *
Ariela Barer Gert Yorkes * *
Gregg Sulkin Chase Stein * *
Allegra Acosta Molly Hernandez * *
Angel Parker Catherine Wilder * *
Ryan Sands Geoffrey Wilder * *
Annie Wersching Leslie Dean * *
Kip Pardue Frank Dean * *
Ever Carradine Janet Stein * *
James Marsters Victor Stein * *
Brigid Brannagh Stacey Yorkes * *
Kevin Weisman Dale Yorkes * *
Brittany Ishibashi Tina Minoru * *
James Yaegashi Robert Minoru * *
Julian McMahon Jonah o *
Jan Luis Castellanos Topher *
Orange/Red/o indicates a recurring or guest role during that season.
Dark Green indicates top billing during that season.


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One November 21, 2017 January 9, 2018 10
Season Two December 21, 2018 13
Season Three December 13, 2019 10


DVD Releases

There are no DVD releases for this show.

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