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Season One
Season Premiere October 5, 2014
Season Finale February 15, 2015
Episode Count 13

Season One of Mulaney premiered on October 5, 2014 with episodes directed by Andy Ackerman.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot John Mulaney October 5, 2014 2.34M 1% 101
John gets a job writing comedy for demanding and infantile game show host Lou Cannon, which turns out to be less glamorous than expected. Meanwhile John's roommate, Jane, attempts to prove to an ex that she isn't "psycho"; and his other roommate, Motif, struggles to write a joke with a killer punchline.
2 2 The Doula John Mulaney October 12, 2014 2.19M 1.1% 107
John learns to face his fear of childbirth when he starts dating a doula. Meanwhile, at work, he is tasked with confronting Lou about his provocative on-camera behavior.
3 3 Halloween Dan Mintz October 19, 2014 2.34M 1.1% 110
As a tribute to his deceased neighbor, Lapidus, John uses his jokes for Lou's monologue. Then, in an effort to please Lou and make sure his contract, which expires on Halloween, is renewed, John stops at nothing - including potential grave robbery - to retrieve more of Lapidus' material and prove his worth to Lou.
4 4 Sweet Jane John Mulaney November 2, 2014 1.63M 0.7% 102
Mulaney tries to figure out why Jane doesn't like any of the girls he dates. Meanwhile, Lou fixates on the idea of his death, and asks John for help in planning a dignified demise.
5 5 In the Name of the Mother, and the Son and the Holy Andre Karey Dornetto November 9, 2014 1.99M 0.9% 111
John's very Catholic parents pay him a visit, which means it's time to start lying about being a devout churchgoer. Meanwhile, Jane decides to go on "the pill" and must suffer the side effects, all to impress a guy.
6 6 Patriot Acts Justin Spitzer November 23, 2014 1.65M 0.7% 113
When Jane starts dating a marine, John and Motif, feeling guilty for their lack of service, try to sign up for a USO Comedy Tour. Meanwhile, Lou recounts how war - and improv - are hell.
7 7 Motif and the City Rachel Axler November 30, 2014 1.55M 0.6% 109
Motif gets "Carrie'd" away and relies on his three girlfriends for support when he learns that John and Jane will not add him to the apartment lease. Meanwhile Lou's audience plant demands a contract.
8 8 It's a Wonderful Home Alone Dan Levy December 21, 2014 0.99M 0.4% 112
John's resentment of actor Macaulay Culkin dampens his Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Lou is worried when his rival, network host Jesse Tyler Munoz, announces a competing holiday special, and Andre is mistaken for a puppet.
9 9 Worlds Collide Karey Dornetto January 11, 2015 1.32M 0.5% 104
John quickly regrets mixing his home and work lives when Jane becomes Lou's new personal trainer. Meanwhile, Motif turns to Oscar for advice on his stand-up routine.
10 10 French Roast Dan Levy January 18, 2015 3.37M 1.2% 103
John faces the dilemma of being mean about Lou when he is invited to participate in a celebrity roast. Meanwhile, Oscar teaches Jane how to be more ladylike.
11 11 Power Moves Dan Mintz
Marika Sawyer
January 25, 2015 1.03M 0.4% 105
John takes Lou's advice about how to gain the upper hand with his roommates. Meanwhile, Motif shows Jane how to get her new cat to like her.
12 12 Ruby Marika Sawyer February 8, 2015 1.23M 0.5% 108
John puts his theories about teenagers to the test when he tries to impart his wisdom to his new girlfriend's 13-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Jane and Motif become Lou's lunch companions.
13 13 Life Is a Series of Different Apartments John Mulaney February 15, 2015 1.14M 0.4% 106
When their building is infested with bed bugs, Mulaney and the gang secretly crash at a Lou's vacant pad and unknowingly eat some special Oscar "treats," leading to more problems when Lou unexpectedly returns from vacation early.

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