Mystery Science Theater 3000/Satellite of Love

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The Satellite of Love in all its glory.

The Satellite of Love is a space station constructed by Dr. Clayton Forrester. As part of his evil experiments, he kidnapped Joel Robinson and sent him aboard the ship. There, far away from humanity and without any chance of rescue, Joel was forced to watch the worst movies the evil doctor could find. The ship was unable to leave, but could still be piloted to some degree by Gypsy, a robot Joel had created.

The ship goes through several interior decorating changes throughout the show's tenure. Features of the ship include a hexfield viewscreen for contacting guests and robotic arms on the outside of the ship. The only areas of the show seen in the television show are the theater and the front lobby, but the movie based on the show featured a cargo area and the flight deck.

Later on, Dr. Clayton Forrester created the umbilicus, a large tube that tethered the satellite to Earth and allowed him to send up supplies. The tube went both ways, and one time Crow T. Robot crawled down it to visit the mad scientists. When he funding was cut, Dr. Clayton Forrester disconnected the umbilicus and sent the satellite flying through space. The crew of the satellite turned into beings of pure energy and flew off into parts unknown, but they were later called back to the ship.

The crew of the ship used to ship to flee from Pearl Forrester and visited many planets along the way, blowing a great many of them up. They went through a wormhole that sent the satellite back to present day. It was there that Pearl Forrester took control of the ship with a special joystick. She accidentally broke this joystick and sent the satellite into a freefall towards Earth. The satellite crashed and was destroyed, but the crew survived with no injuries.