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Ny1 logo.png
Founded 1992
Company Charter Communications
Notable Series Road to City Hall

NY1 is a channel dedicated to 24-hour news coverage of New York City and the surrounding area. It was created in 1992 for the New York City Time Warner cable system (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Western Brooklyn) but has since expanded to areas served by Cablevision as well (Bronx, Eastern Brooklyn).



In 1991, Time Warner wanted a 24-hour news channel for its New York City service area. The project was overseen by Richard Aurelio, who at the time was the head of the Time Warner New York City Cable Group. Several executives were hired in the fall of 1991, with the news staff following in spring of 1992.

Reporters were put through a month-long training period in the technical aspects of journalism. This was then followed by a two-month training period that included four weeks of real-time rehearsal. During this period, they covered the collapse of a former post office building as if the channel was already on the air.

The original home of the channel was at 460 West 42nd Street, the former home of Univisa. By 2000 NY1 had outgrown this studio, moving to a more spacious and high-tech locale in the Chelsea Market building.


NY1 has more than 25 full-time reporters, who are responsible for writing and shooting their own stories. Digital cameras are used, and footage is uploaded into the servers at the studio for immediate editing and programming. Graphics and other elements are also available through the system. All of this ensures a quick turnaround for stories.


Programming is blocked out in half-hour segments:

  • NY1 Minute
  • news reports
  • Weather on the 1's
  • news reports
  • Weather on the 1's
  • NY1 Living

Periodic features:

Semi-regular programs:

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