New Amsterdam (2018)/Season Two

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Season Two
New Amsterdam (2018)
Season Premiere September 24, 2019
Season Finale April 14, 2020
Episode Count 18
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Season Two of New Amsterdam premiered on September 24, 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only nineteen of the twenty-two episodes ordered for this season were completed. The episode "Our Doors Are Always Open", which is about a deadly flu pandemic in New York City, was pulled from the schedule. It will air at a future date.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
23 1 Your Turn David Schulner Michael Slovis September 24, 2019 5.91M 1%
Max works to find a new normal three months after the accident and the birth of his daughter. Kapoor grapples with the stigma of aging. Iggy has a successful day that inspires a life-changing idea. Reynolds deals with an unreliable new intern.
24 2 The Big Picture Jiréh Breon Holder Don Scardino October 1, 2019 5.292M 0.8%
Max invokes a hospital-wide census in an effort to get to know the staff of New Amsterdam on a deeper level. Reynolds takes a leap of faith that lands him in hot water. Dr. Castro extends her treatment plan to more patients in the hospital.
25 3 Replacement Aaron Ginsburg Jamie Payne October 8, 2019 5.266M 0.8%
Max takes a chance on a new assistant and goes toe-to-toe with the board on a new plan. Iggy struggles to figure out what is causing a unit-wide illness. Kapoor receives some shocking news.
26 4 The Denominator David Foster Michael Slovis October 15, 2019 4.953M 0.8%
When Iggy and Kapoor discover a patient might be suffering from lead poisoning, they are forced to take on the city. Max's unsolicited attempts to help a patient backfire.
27 5 The Karman Line Laura Valdivia Nick Gomez October 22, 2019 5.134M 0.9%
When Sharpe has a case that hits close to home, she and Max team up to make things right for the patient. Iggy and Bloom are forced to make a tough call on a unique situation.
28 6 Righteous Right Hand Erika Green Swafford Peter Horton October 29, 2019 5.161M 0.8%
When a group of women on a retreat end up in the ED, Max gets some troubling information that could put a patient in jeopardy. Sharpe and Kapoor work together to mend fences between two feuding sisters.
29 7 Good Soldiers Shaun Cassidy Rachel Leiterman November 5, 2019 4.959M 0.7%
When Kapoor introduces a patient to Iggy's PTSD group, a creative treatment plan causes turmoil. Sharpe discovers a long-kept secret regarding a patient that leads to trouble for Max and the board.
30 8 What the Heart Wants Y. Shireen Razack Don Scardino November 12, 2019 5.058M 0.7%
Sharpe lands in hot water when she goes out on a limb for a patient. Max's grief comes to a head. Bloom takes a major step in her recovery.
31 9 The Island Graham Norris Michael Slovis November 19, 2019 5.462M 0.8%
When an inmate comes in with an entirely preventable illness, Max, Sharpe and Iggy head directly to the source -- Rikers Island. Bloom struggles with her recovery. Reynolds gets news that could change his life.
32 10 Code Silver Leah Nanako Winkler Craig Zisk January 14, 2020 4.976M 0.8%
With the hospital on lockdown after the Rikers patients escape, Sharpe and Max find themselves in a situation that could cost them their lives. Bloom must put aside her pain to help a patient. Iggy is forced to face his marriage's issues.
33 11 Hiding Behind My Smile David Foster Lucy Liu January 21, 2020 4.71M 0.7%
Max and Luna make friends in an unexpected place as Max struggles with the realities of being a single father. Kapoor takes a big step in order to help his family.
34 12 14 Years, 2 Months, 8 Days Aaron Ginsburg Seith Mann January 28, 2020 4.869M 0.7%
Sharpe has an important realization that will affect her career. Meanwhile, Max and Reynolds take on uncharted waters when a young patient comes to New Amsterdam with symptoms of a heart attack.
35 13 In the Graveyard
A Good Death
Josh Carlebach Darnell Martin February 11, 2020 4.472M 0.6%
The doctors stop at nothing to help their patients, following a shocking realization that prompts a change in the hospital. Reynolds must make an important decision in his career.
36 14 Sabbath Marc Gaffen &
David Schulner
Ryan Eggold February 18, 2020 4.711M 0.6%
Max races against the clock to rearrange the budget when faced with employees going unpaid. Kapoor is presented with a device that's the future of medicine. Iggy goes against the norms to prove a diagnosis. Bloom gets an unexpected visitor.
Teleplay by David Schulner
37 15 Double Blind Shaun Cassidy Allison Liddi-Brown February 25, 2020 5.162M 0.7%
When tasked with turning the opioid epidemic around, Max shuts down the ED and proposes a massive change. Sharpe goes to great lengths to prove a point.
38 16 Perspectives Y. Shireen Razack Craig Zisk March 10, 2020 4.44M 0.7%
Max, Bloom and Reynolds frantically recount a patient's past encounter that could throw them into a massive lawsuit. Meanwhile, Iggy confronts a local middle school about its teaching policies, and Kapoor lets his superstitions take over.
39 17 Liftoff Graham Norris Kristi Zea March 17, 2020 5.196M 0.8%
Max searches for a solution to crowdfunding after his eye-opening appearance in a viral "Go Fund Me" video. Reynolds takes his last laps at the hospital while Kapoor helps a former pilot deal with his life as a paraplegic.
40 18 A Matter of Seconds Aaron Ginsburg Dinh Thai April 14, 2020 6.027M 0.9%
When multiple patients begin to show similar alarming symptoms, Sharpe and Bloom scramble to figure out the issue's root. Max works to get a child with a rare muscular disease into the country's only clinical trial that could extend his life.

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