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Newsradio Pilot.jpg
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate March 21, 1995
Production Number 100
Written by Paul Simms
Directed by James Burrows

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NewsRadioSeason One

Pilot is the first episode of the first season of NewsRadio.

Starring: Dave Foley (Dave Nelson), Stephen Root (Jimmy James), Andy Dick (Matthew Brock), Maura Tierney (Lisa Miller), Vicki Lewis (Beth), Ella Joyce (Catherine Duke)

and Phil Hartman (Bill McNeal)

Guest Starring: Kurt Fuller (Ed), Greg Lee (Rick), Wallace Langham (Jeff), Beau Billingslea (The Security Guard)


Plot Overview

A young Wisconsinite is hired as the news director of a New York AM radio station. He realizes he may be in over his head, however, when his first assignment is to fire his predecessor.


Arc Advancement




The Show

  • The character of Joe Garrelli does not appear, as he replaced the character "Rick" who appeared only in the pilot episode. Additionally, in the pilot Catherine Duke is played by Ella Joyce.
  • Maura Tierney was reportedly given the role of Lisa Miller the day before this episode filmed.
  • In the first few episodes, the room behind Matthew's desk was a production studio where, in this episode, Lisa records voice-over audio for a report. After a handful of episodes, the recording equipment was replaced with a refrigerator, cabinets, and a table, and it became the break room.
  • This episode featured a different title screen and a slightly different version of the theme song than the rest of the series.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Jimmy complains that he owns a lot of Euro Disney. At the time, Disney had just opened a new theme park near Paris called Euro Disney, and early attendance was disappointing and it appeared to be a financial disaster. The park has since been renamed Disneyland Resort Paris, and has become a moderate success.

Memorable Moments


  • Bill: Don't you think I should do the Al Gore interview? Because phone interviews keep me alert and if I'm not alert I might just start reading the news very slooowwwlllyyy. Like thiiissss.
Ed: I will see what I can do.
Bill: Thanks buddy, I know you'll make the right deciiiissssion.
  • Beth: Hey Dave, I guess officially I work for you now, so would you like me to fire Ed?
Dave: No no no Beth, but thank you, thank you very much for, uh, for your, uh, let's just call it moxie.
  • Beth: Fire him as soon as he walks out that door.
Dave: Excuse me?
Beth: Fire him right here, right now, in front of everyone. Trust me, it will help you down the line. You're not exactly establishing yourself as an authority figure with the staff.
Bill: She's right, you know.
Beth: It's like, you know how they say when it's your first day in prison, you should act crazy and beat someone with a chair so nobody will mess with you?
Dave: I've never actually heard that before, Beth.
  • [Dave gives the big interview to Catherine instead of Bill]
Dave: Why? Because I'm the boss Bill, that's why! That's why Bill. And I will not be manipulated, I will not be contradicted, and I will not be intimidated!
Bill: Well, I didn't realize you were a man of such strong conviction. Of such deeply felt moral tenacity, of such remarkable centeredness...
Dave: Alright Bill, I'm not going to be sucked-up to either.
Bill: Well, you've eliminated all my options. All that's left is backstabbing.