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King Arthur
Once Upon a Time
Actor Liam Garrigan
First Appearance 5x01 - The Dark Swan
Last Appearance -
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 11
Notable Episodes 5x04 - The Broken Kingdom

King Arthur is the ruler of Camelot - one of the kingdoms in the magical land of the Enchanted Forest. He is played by Liam Garrigan and has appeared in eleven episodes to date.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

Arthur has appeared in elevin episodes to date:

  1. 5x01 - The Dark Swan
  2. 5x02 - The Price
  3. 5x03 - Siege Perilous
  4. 5x04 - The Broken Kingdom
  5. 5x05 - Dreamcatcher
  6. 5x06 - The Bear and the Bow
  7. 5x07 - Nimue
  8. 5x08 - Birth
  9. 5x09 - The Bear King
  10. 5x10 - Broken Heart
  11. 5x21 - Last Rites

Character History

Memorable Moments