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Once Upon a Time
Actors Georgina Haig
First Appearance 4x01 - A Tale of Two Sisters
Last Appearance 4x11 - Heroes and Villains
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 11
Notable Episodes 4x01 - A Tale of Two Sisters

Elsa is a royal princess (later Queen) from the magical kingdom of Arendelle and is also known as "The Ice Queen". She is played by Georgina Haig and is based on the character of Queen Elsa in the Disney animated movie Frozen, which in turn is based on the title character from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

  1. 4x01 - A Tale of Two Sisters
  2. 4x02 - White Out
  3. 4x03 - Rocky Road
  4. 4x04 - The Apprentice
  5. 4x05 - Breaking Glass
  6. 4x06 - Family Business
  7. 4x07 - The Snow Queen
  8. 4x08 - Smash the Mirror
  9. 4x09 - Fall
  10. 4x10 - Shattered Sight
  11. 4x11 - Heroes and Villains

Character History

Memorable Moments