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Emma Swan
Once Upon a Time
Actors Jennifer Morrison
Abby Ross (flashbacks)
Mckenna Grace (flashbacks)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance -
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 73
Notable Episodes 1x01 - Pilot
1x22 - A Land Without Magic
2x06 - Tallahassee

Emma Swan is a 28 year old single woman from Boston. On her 28th birthday, she is approached by Henry Mills, a ten year old boy who reveals himself as Emma's son, whom she gave up for adoption as newborn. Emma takes Henry back to his hometown of Storybrooke, where Henry claims everyone is a fairy tale character trapped in time by a curse and unable to remember who they really are. Concerned about Henry, Emma stays in Storybrooke and soon gets sucked into the drama and mystery of the small town. Emma is played by Jennifer Morrison and has appeared in seventy-three episodes to date.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

Jennifer Morrison has been credited for seventy-four episodes, but her character has only appeared in seventy-three episodes.

Missing in Action

Emma did not appear in the following episodes:

  1. 2x04 - The Crocodile

Character History

Memorable Moments