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Isaac Heller
Once Upon a Time
Actor Patrick Fischler
First Appearance 4x16 - Best Laid Plans
Last Appearance -
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 8
Notable Episodes 4x18 - Sympathy for the De Vil
4x21 - Operation Mongoose: Part 1

Isaac Heller was a man from the Enchanted Forest who at one point, was chosen by Merlin and his Apprentice to become The Author. His job was to document all the greatest stories in a storybook with a magical quill. He is played by Patrick Fischler and has appeared in eight episodes to date.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

  1. 4x16 - Best Laid Plans
  2. 4x17 - Heart of Gold
  3. 4x18 - Sympathy for the De Vil
  4. 4x19 - Lily
  5. 4x20 - Mother
  6. 4x21 - Operation Mongoose: Part 1
  7. 4x22 - Operation Mongoose: Part 2
  8. 6x16 - Mother's Little Helper

Character History

Memorable Moments