One Day at a Time (2017)/Season Four

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Season Four
One Day at a Time (2017)
Season Premiere March 24, 2020
Season Finale June 16, 2020
Episode Count 7 + 1 special

Season Three



Season Four of One Day at a Time premiered on March 24, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 6 of the 13 episodes ordered for this season were completed.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
40 1 Checking Boxes Gloria Calderón Kellett &
Mike Royce
Pamela Fryman March 24, 2020 607k(cable)
After a census taker comes to the house, the Alvarez family reflects on their relationships and wonder what else the future may (or may not) have in store.
41 2 Penny Pinching Dan Signer Phill Lewis March 31, 2020 568k(cable)
After a disastrous evening, Penelope realizes she needs to change her relationship to money and do the unthinkable—buy something new. Meanwhile, Elena struggles to make it to an important e-sports match.
42 3 Boundaries Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz Phill Lewis April 7, 2020 593k(cable)
Alex catches his mother in a compromising position, motivating Penelope to talk to him about healthy human sexuality while defending herself against Lydia’s old-school judgments.
43 4 One Halloween at a Time Vincent Brown Phill Lewis April 14, 2020 164k(cable)
It’s a very scary Halloween when Penelope and Max have to have the "do you still want to have kids or what?" conversation, while Schneider and Avery are determined to win an elaborate costume contest.
44 5 Perfect
Alison Wong Angela Barnes Gomes April 21, 2020 840k(cable)
When Alex struggles in his new endeavor, Penelope has to teach him when it’s okay to give up, all while arguing with Lydia, who thinks quitting is never okay.
45 6 Supermoon Erin Foley Michael Shea April 28, 2020 187k(cable)
When a supermoon appears in the night sky, each couple takes a turn going up to the roof and discovers an elaborate romantic setting, fit for a marriage proposal.
SP SP The Politics Episode
animated episode
Gloria Calderón Kellett &
Mike Royce
Phill Lewis &
M.R. Horhager
June 16, 2020 342k 0.05%
Penelope's conservative family comes to visit. Penelope dreads that with the election coming up, they won't be able to avoid fighting over politics, leaving the Alvarezes to strategize how to get through it with the family intact.
46 7 Church & Statement incomplete
When Lydia’s church hires a young, progressive priest, Lydia convinces Elena to start attending church again. Schneider’s prayers are also answered when he convinces Alex to help him build a crib and baby-proof his apartment.

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