One on One/I Believe I Can Fly (1)

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I Believe I Can Fly (1)
Airdate September 23, 2002
Production Number 023
Written by Arthur Harris
Directed by Ken Whittingham
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He Got Game...Again
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I Believe I Can Fly (2)
One on OneSeason Two

Guest Starring: Ron Canada (Grandpa Barnes), Joan Pringle (Grandma Barnes), Guy Torry (Flim-Flam), Rashaan Nall (Walt), Shondrella Akesan (Candy), Khanya Mkhize (Ginger), Omar Gooding (Malik)

Special Guest Star: Tichina Arnold (Nicole Barnes)


Plot Overview

Arnaz comes over to Breanna's house with the tape and taunts her with it. Breanna denies what she said to Arnaz on the tape, but he says that he'll get her to say those words again if it kills him. Meanwhile Nicole tells Flex that she's taking Breanna to live with her in Nova Scotia, but Flex says he can work it out. Nicole then says that he has to choose between his dream career as a professional basketball player on the NBA or giving it up for Breanna. Breanna then comes in and she and Flex both try to reason with Nicole but her mind is made up. She asks Flex why should Breanna have a half-time dad when she can have a full-time mom. This makes Flex give up and decide to join the NBA. This saddens Breanna and she and Spirit spend some final time together as friends. Arnaz comes and he once again confronts Breanna about her true feelings. Just as she's about to admit them one of Arnaz's old girlfriends, Ginger comes and steals him away. Spirit encourages Breanna to catch Arnaz but she says its no use because she's moving to Nova Scotia. Meanwhile Flex goes down to a barbershop to drown his sorrows and gets encouragement from all his friends to join the NBA. Flex is unsure until Breanna comes and decides that she'll let her father live out his dream if it'll make him happy.