Portfolio Entertainment

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Portfolio Entertainment
Founded 1991
President Lisa Oldman (founder / CEO)
Joy Rosen (founder / CEO)
Trent Locke (Vice President/COO)
Sonya Roberts (Director)
Notable Works
Official Site Portfolio Entertainment

Portfolio Entertainment is a Canadian television and distribution company based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1991 by Lisa Olfman and Joy Rosen, the company's focus is on children's programming, later expanding into primetime production.


List of shows produced by Portfolio Entertainment

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Groundling Marsh Children YTV 1995–1997
Animal Miracles Documentary Animal Planet 2001–2003
RoboRoach Animated Teletoon 2002–2004
Carl² Animated Teletoon 2005–2011
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Children's animated educational comedy Treehouse TV 2010–present
You Gotta Eat Here! Cooking Food Network 2012–present
Doki Children's animated adventure Discovery Kids 2013–present
FreakTown Animated comedy Teletoon 2016–present

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