Reading Rainbow

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Reading Rainbow
Reading rainbow.jpg
Premiere June 6, 1983
Finale November 10, 2006
Host LeVar Burton
Network PBS
Style 30-minute children's educational
Company WNED-TV,
GPN/Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
Seasons 21
Episodes 155
Origin USA

Reading Rainbow is an educational children's program about the joy of reading. It was hosted by LeVar Burton for its entire duration. The show ceased production in 2006 due to disagreements with their new ownership and government emphasis on other aspects of literacy education not covered by the program.

Each episode follows a pattern of three distinct segments. The initial segments features a storybook read by a famous actor. The images from the book are displayed on screen, while the actor adds lively narration.

The second segment further explores a theme presented in the storybook by having host LeVar Burton take a field trip that involves some element from the book. One episode even had Burton visit the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation (which he was starring on at the time) as part of a science fiction theme.

The final segment, "You Don't Have to Take My Word for It", is a series of short book reviews by children. They will give a short plot synopsis, along with what they liked about the book.