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Kyra Hart
Actor Scarlett Pomers
First Appearance Episode 1, Season 1
Series Billing
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Basic Information

Kyra is Brock and Reba Hart's youngest daughter. A rebellious soul who's sense of humor is based mainly on sarcasm and irony. Kyra's main points of attack are her sister Cheyenne (a teenage mother), her sister's unintelligent husband Van, her oblivious younger brother Jake, and her goofy stepmother Barbra Jean. Kyra tends to bury her emotions deep and when she does release them they typically come out as a storm of anger and stinging comments.

The most intelligent of Reba and Brock's children, Kyra struggles through high school with the infamy of being related to Cheyenne added to the normal problems facing high schoolers. Kyra's sarcasm and introversion leave her distanced from her family some times, especially her younger brother Jake (whom she torments), and this makes her seem cold in most of the series. However when things get to be too much to handle for this stoic teen, she finds solace in her mother Reba most, but the entire family helps her over the series. Her responsibility would tend to lead most people to the conclusion that her parents should put more trust in her, however it doesn't work like that. Cheyenne's lack of judgement and foresight leading to her teen pregnancy has thrown waves of paranoia on her parents leading them to be unnecessarily suspicious of Kyra.

Although Kyra is not given more responsibility and trust she takes it upon herself, accompanied with the most emotional parts of her character. When Cheyenne is in labor and doesn't want any one to find out in order that she can get her high school diploma with her friends and rub it in her principal's face, Kyra is the only one who realizes. However instead of ratting her out like Cheyenne thinks she will, Kyra keeps her secret because she knows how important it is to her sister. When Brock and Barbara Jean are separated, Kyra helps Barbara Jean stay away from lethargy and depression, she also gives the relationship the push it needs to start to mend.

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Character History

Season 1

First appearance in the pilot of the show at a family therapy session. This scene also introduces the rest of the main characters except for Barbara Jean. Keeps Cheyenne's labor secret in order that she can graduate normally and spite her principal.

Season 2

Season 3

Kyra moves in with Brock and out of Reba's house. Also she starts high school, and has a relationship with a 17 year old boy from her school named Scott. The relationship did not last the season. She also nearly gets expelled from her high school for punching a girl who called her older sister Cheyenne a slut, although she also wanted to be expelled to avoid Cheyenne's infamous legacy caused by her teen pregnancy.

Season 4

Season 5

Kyra is absent for most of the 5th season due to Scarlett Pomers battle with anorexia.

Season 6

Memorable Moments

Season 1

After much deliberation Kyra makes a last minute decision to go to Brock and Barbara Jean's wedding.

Season 2

Season 3

At the beginning of the season Kyra moves out of her mother Reba's house, and in with her father Brock. Kyra has her first date. Nearly gets expelled from her high school.

Season 4

As Brock and Barbara Jean struggle through their marriage Kyra provides support to Barbara Jean.

Season 5

Season 6

In Season 6 Kyra returns from her absence (due to Scarlett Pomers battle with anorexia). She also decides to skip college despite her good grades to add more pressure onto her music, which she has decided to focus on.



"She called Cheyenne a slut! OK? That's why I punched her!"

"They say things like, 'Hey Kyra! How many kids are you going to have by prom?"

"Yeah like it's every teenager's dream to have their stepmom dress like them. And if it could possibly be at the mall where all her friends could see her, that would be the best dream of all!"

"As soon as I move out, you people start to get interesting."

In response to Reba's assurances to Van that the family will be well behaved when his potential agent comes to visit Kyra says, "Proud? Look around this place buddy. You live with the divorced mother of your teenage bride due to pregnancy, who's dad ran off with his dental assistant, also with child." pause "I may claim to be pregnant just to fit in."

In response to Van climbing into Reba's bed instead of Cheyenne's "So now you're my brother in law and my new daddy?"

"I'll stand around and make sarcastic comments."

"I am so sick and tired of being the only grown up around this place." pause with music "Ice cream!"

In response to Reba dating Brock and Barbara Jean's marriage counselor, "Some day I'll have to write a book."

After watching a video of Barbara Jean and her dog Reba says, "Boy I feel sorry for the poor sap who had to video tape all of that." To which Kyra replies, "Hey 80 bucks is 80 bucks."

"Well all this talk about birth has made me want to write some Death Metal."