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Season One
Season Premiere preview
September 9, 2018
September 30, 2018
Season Finale January 13, 2019
Episode Count 12
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Season One of Rel premiered on September 9, 2018 following an NFL doubleheader, with its regular series premiere on September 30, 2018. The pilot was made available online on September 6, 2018. Episodes are directed by Gerry Cohen, except for the third by Mike Scully.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Lil Rel Howery &
Kevin Barnett &
Josh Rabinowitz
September 9, 2018 5.49M 1.9% 1LBH01
A newly single father attempts to make a new start in life on the West Side of Chicago with the assistance of his best friend, younger brother and father.
2 2 Laundry Room Lil Rel Howery &
Kevin Barnett &
Josh Rabinowitz
September 30, 2018 1.994M 0.8% 1LBH02
Rel finds the motivation to get off the couch and invites his Dad, Brittany and Nat to brunch. But his big plans are placed on hold when all of his clothes are held hostage in his laundry room by a local gang.
3 3 Kids First Visit Lil Rel Howery October 7, 2018 1.813M 0.7% 1LBH04
Rel's kids come to visit for the first time since the split, and he wants to make sure they have an amazing trip. He, Dad, Nat and Brittany bring the kids to a Family Fun Center in Chicago, but when it doesn't quite live up to its name, Rel has to find a way to salvage the day.
Teleplay by Mike Scully
4 4 One Night Stand Lil Rel Howery October 14, 2018 1.395M 0.5% 1LBH03
Just when Rel thinks he can't possibly move on from his ex-wife, he gets hit with a pleasant surprise. But after getting in way over his head, he ends up taking some good advice from Brittany.
Teleplay by Aeysha Carr
5 5 Halloween Aeysha Carr &
Hugh Moore
October 21, 2018 1.45M 0.6% 1LBH05
Rel, Nat, Brittany and Dad get together to watch a scary zombie movie around Halloween night. The film, titled "Frederick Douglass: Zombie Slayer," is not what anyone expected and sparks a lot of controversy amongst the group.
6 6 Windy City Politics Danielle Sanchez-Witzel November 4, 2018 1.639M 0.6% 1LBH06
Nat lands himself a job and gets the second chance he's been hoping for since doing his time in prison. His excitement comes to a halt when his superior acts inappropriately towards him. Without hesitation, Rel and Brittany try to come to his rescue.
7 7 Re-Enter the Dragons Andrew Lee November 11, 2018 1.253M 0.5% 1LBH07
One of Dad's old friends and bandmates turns up as a patient at Rel's hospital. When Rel finds out their friendship ended on bad terms, Rel, Nat, and Brittany investigate why Dad's band "The Dragons" broke up all those years ago.
8 8 Blizzard Josh Rabinowitz &
Kevin Barnett
November 18, 2018 1.622M 0.6% 1LBH08
Rel meets a new friend when he gets stuck at the hospital in the midst of a blizzard. Across town, Brittany and Nat get snowed in at a bar, along with Brittany's emotional ex-boyfriend.
9 9 Brittany's Mom Rae Sanni December 2, 2018 1.612M 0.6% 1LBH09
Brittany's estranged mom shows up unexpectedly in hopes of being reunited with her daughter. Rel convinces Brittany to give her a second chance, but Brittany isn't sure her mom is the changed woman she claims to be.
10 10 Hate & Hip Hop Josh Rabinowitz &
Kevin Barnett
December 9, 2018 2.057M 0.8% 1LBH10
One of Rel's patients is prejudiced and Rel is conflicted on how to behave as his attending nurse. Meanwhile, Brittany, Nat and Dad hang out at Frances', where everyone is obsessing over Brittany's ex-boyfriend's awful new rap song.
11 11 Mom Lil Rel Howery &
James Heller Chapman
January 6, 2019 1.225M 0.5% 1LBH12
In an attempt to make peace with his mother's death, Rel sees a therapist. Meanwhile, Dad tries to honor her passing by "celebrating," but has a hard time keeping it all together.
Teleplay by Willie Hunter & Dave Helem
12 12 Cleveland Mike Mariano January 13, 2019 2.765M 1% 1LBH11
Rel takes a trip to Cleveland after hearing his daughter got into some trouble at school. Meanwhile in Chicago, Brittany helps Nat with some goal-setting, by making him create a vision board.