Reno 911!/Reno's Most Wanted: Uncensored

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Reno's Most Wanted: Uncensored
Reno 911!
Reno 911! - Reno's Most Wanted.jpg
Release Date February 27, 2007
Format DVD
Region 1
Distributor Comedy Central
Disc Count 1
Episode Count 7
Running Time 154 minutes
Retail Price $19.99
Video Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio English
Subtitles Closed Captioned



Reno 911! - Reno's Most Wanted: Uncensored is a 'best of' DVD release for Reno 911! It contains seven episodes from the show's four seasons. The DVD was first released in the US on February 27, 2007. The following information applies to the Region 1 US DVD release.

Disc Breakdown


Special Features

  • The Deputies' Favorite Calls
  • Don't Steal Cable

Special Features

  • The Deputies' Favorite Calls: Compilation of the most memorable moments from the show
  • Don't Steal Cable: A live musical performance by cast members.

Easter Eggs

None that are known.


Obscene language was bleeped for the broadcast, but the language on the DVD is uncensored.