Sabrina, the Teenage Witch/And the Sabrina Goes To...

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And the Sabrina Goes To...
Season 3, Episode 8
Airdate November 13, 1998
Written by Frank Conniff
Directed by Kenneth R. Koch
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Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSeason Three

Special Guest Appearances by: Dick Clark (Himself), Mary Hart (Herself), Phantom Planet (Themselves)

Guest Stars: Joel Brooks (Emperor Larry), Mary Gross (Mrs. Quick), Curtis Andersen (Gordie), Suzanne Krull (Olga), Larry Thomas (Zampano)

Co-Starring: Joel Michaely (Student)


Plot Overview

When it looks like nobody cares about the great grades she's been getting at school, Sabrina turns to Salem for help in finding a way get everybody to praise her great work. After casting a spell entitled "just desserts", Sabrina promptly discovers that constant praise from her friends and teachers isn't the greatest thing about trying your best. Meanwhile, after Zelda learns she is the "Rincess" of the Other Realm country of Massapequa Park, Spellman cousin Emperor Larry declares war on her country because she refuses to let him rule over its citizens.