Sabrina, the Teenage Witch/Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves

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Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves
Season 2, Episode 11
Airdate December 5, 1997
Written by David Weiss
Joan Binder
Directed by David Trainer
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Sabrina Claus
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSeason Two

Guest Starring: Bobcat Goldthwait (Merlin), Mary Gross (Mrs. Quick), Beth Grant (Mrs. Papaneski), Bob Vila (Himself)

Co-Starring: Charles Walker (Coach)


Plot Overview

Sabrina neglects a vital fact in her use of incantations: if she fails to consider a spell's consequences, there will be a ruinous aftermath. Sabrina must also learn to make her spells more specific - otherwise any spell she casts because generalized, applying to everything in Sabrina's world. When she accidentally sends her aunts and Salem to Merlin's castle where they are held captive, it's up to the Quizmaster to teach Sabrina a valuable lesson.