Sabrina, the Teenage Witch/The Big Sleep

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The Big Sleep
Season 3, Episode 19
Airdate March 12, 1999
Written by Sheldon Bull
Directed by Kenneth R. Koch
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Sabrina's Pen Pal
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSeason Three

Co-Starring: Sean Laughton (Policeman), Roz Witt (Woman), Hap Lawrence (Shepherd), Timothy Everett Moore (Sheldon), Rosalind Ayres (Aunt Dorma)


Plot Overview

Searching for clues to the family secret, Sabrina calls up Aunt Dorma, the "black sheep" of the family, accidentally waking her out her usual ten-year nap. Dorma retaliates with a household of magic poppies fatal to Spellmans. While Hilda and Zelda are sound asleep from the house full of poppies, Sabrina must keep an unknowing Valerie, Harvey and Libby (the new "brain buster" team) in the kitchen. Additionally, Sabrina herself must fight the urge to fall asleep! Finally, Sabrina conjures up some snow to rid the Spellman home of the poppies... Unfortunately, she stays up all night and is quite tired during the Brain Buster's tournament (a high school quiz show).