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Science 2016 logo.jpg
Founded October 7, 1996
Company Discovery, Inc.
Notable Series Beyond Tomorrow
How It's Made
Former Names Discovery Science
The Science Channel
Science Channel

Science is a US-based cable network, owned by Discovery, Inc..

The channel launched as one of four new Discovery channels in 1996, under the name Discovery Science. In 2002 the channel was rebranded a first time into The Science Channel, 2007 a second time into Science Channel. The third rebranding into current Science occurred on June 8, 2011.



In November of 1994, Discovery Communications announced plans to launch four digital channels. Science was originally under the working title Quark!. It later changed its named to Discovery Science before the network's launch.

Over the years, the network went through various name changes, beginning in 2002 when it became the first network owned by Discovery Networks to drop "Discovery" from its name, becoming The Science Channel. Five years later, as part of a rebrand, it was shortened down to just Science Channel. In 2011, the network rebranded once again, this time going by the name Science.


  • Program Listing: A complete listing of shows that aired new episodes on Science.

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