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Season 6, Episode 11
Airdate January 18, 2007
Written by Steven S. DeKnight
Directed by Steven S. DeKnight
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SmallvilleSeason Six

Justice is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Smallville, and the one hundred twenty-first episode overall. Clark joins up with costumed heroes from his past in what becomes a calculated strike against Lex and his superhuman project.

Guest Stars: Kyle Gallner (Bart Allen), Alan Ritchson (Arthur Curry), Lee Thompson Young (Victor Stone)

And: Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen

Co-Stars: Michael Puttoman (Dr. Caselli)


Plot Overview



  • High and Low by Greg Laswell: The song that plays in the background when Oliver is breaking off his relationship with Lois is "High and Low" by Greg Laswell. Laswell is a singer/songwriter from San Diego and routinely has songs on teen dramas like Smallville and One Tree Hill. "High and Low" is from Laswell's second album Through Toledo.

Comic References

  • JL International: For a brief period in the 1980s, Justice League was relaunched following Crisis on Infinite Earths with less mainstream characters like Blue Beetle. After a series of events, the league was renamed "Justice League International" and took the place of a recently defunct UN organization called the Global Guardians. In the episode, the company "Artemis Global Consortium" is a subsidiary of a satellite company called "JL International."
  • Watchtower: The "Watchtower" is the name of the Justice League orbiting satellite that was used between the beginning of the JLA relaunch up until it was destroyed in Infinite Crisis. The room itself is designed to look like the clock tower that Oracle, an information dealer and strategist for superheroes, once operated out of. In this scenario, Chloe is taking on the Oracle ID.
  • Impulse: Bart Allen didn't get to choose his codename in the comics either. Shortly after being introduced, Bart intervened in a situation with Batman and the Joker in Gotham City. Although the conflict worked out without anyone getting hurt, Batman issued a warning to him about his impulsiveness. Bart continued to use this name until an incident in Teen Titans caused him to grow up and change to Kid Flash. Incidentally, chances are better than good that the writers of the episode weren't allowed to used the Flash moniker due to internal policy on franchises.
  • Corto Maltese: Corto Maltese is a action/adventure sailor created by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt. The character was originally written in Italian during the late 1960s but was translated into several languages at the height of the book's popularity. Maltese was notable for carving his own lifeline into his hand as a way of defying fate and making his own destiny. At the end of the episode, Green Arrow tells the rest of the team that their new mission is on the island of Corto Maltese.

Arc Advancement


  • Project 33.1: LuthorCorp's Project 33.1 has been significantly compromised by the efforts of Oliver's team, but is still operating in both the United States and in other countries around the world. The team that destroyed the Ridge Lab, with the exception of Clark, is moving on to destroy these facilities as well.


  • Oliver and Lois: Because of his focus on the greater good, Oliver ends his relationship with Lois despite promising her a vacation. Instead, Oliver and the rest of his team heads for Corto Maltese to blow up another 33.1 facility.


  • 4x05 - Run: Clark first met Bart when he was a petty thief stealing wallets and artifacts to sell on the black market in Suicide Slums. The artifact that Bart stole from Luthor was a Kryptonian manuscript, which he later attempted to fence with his usual dealer but was eventually caught by Lex.
Clark: Last time you blew through town, you stole my dad's wallet.
  • 5x15 - Cyborg: The girl that Clark mentions to Victor was Victor's girlfriend before he was involved in a car crash that killed his family and left him disabled until he was fitted with cybernetic implants. The two eventually reunited, but Victor's fears that she couldn't accept him as half a man were apparently true since they ended their relationship.
  • 5x04 - Aqua: Arthur "AC" Curry (or Aquaman) first appeared when he saved Lois from drowning in a lake. In the episode, he and Clark joined forces to disable a weapon that was killing marine life.
  • 6x07 - Rage: Green Arrow and Lex shot each other when Oliver confronted Lex in his office. Lex was nearly killed in the fight, but was saved when Clark injected him with a drug that speeds up the healing process significantly.


The Show

  • M.I.A.: Lana Lang does not appear in this episode.

Behind the Scenes

  • Aquamen: After Alan Ritchson's portrayal of Arthur Curry in the season five episode Aqua went over very well with fans the producers developed an Aquaman spin-off series, but when they shot the pilot for that show they recast the role with Justin Hartley taking over. Then when The CW didn't pick up the new series the writers created the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow part on Smallville specifically for Hartley. In this episode Alan Ritchson reprised the role and to ensure there was no resentment on the set the two actors went out to dinner the night before the first day of shooting. [1]

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • AC: Fish jokes, that's all I ever get are fish jokes.


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