Son of Zorn/Season One

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Season One
Son of Zorn
Season Premiere preview
September 11, 2016
September 25, 2016
Season Finale February 19, 2017
Episode Count 13
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Season One of Son of Zorn premiered on September 25, 2016. A preview aired on September 11, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Return to Orange County Reed Agnew &
Eli Jorné
Eric Appel September 11, 2016 6.13M 2.4% 1AYA01
When Zorn travels from his native land of Zephyria to California to visit his son, Alangulon, aka Alan, he learns that his ex-wife, Edie, has a fiance. But to reconnect with his son, Zorn stays and obtains a job where, despite his "unique" qualities, he is welcomed by his new boss.
2 2 Defender of Teen Love Eli Jorné Eric Appel September 25, 2016 2.65M 1.1% 1AYA02
After embarrassing Alan in front of his crush, Nancy, Zorn uses the Stone of Sight to spy on the girl for his son. Meanwhile, Edie is determined to move on and forces Zorn to finally move his old boxes out of her garage and into his own apartment.
3 3 The War in the Workplace Monica Padrick Eric Appel October 2, 2016 3.638M 1.6% 1AYA04
After watching someone from the office across the hall take hot sauce from the Sanitation Solutions break room, Zorn tries to rally the rest of his co-workers to wage war on them - Zephyrian style. Meanwhile, Alan tries to get Edie to give him a note for gym class as it's swim unit next week and he's afraid to expose his legs.
4 4 The Weekend Warrior Elijah Aron &
Jordan Young
Payman Benz October 16, 2016 3.775M 1.5% 1AYA03
Zorn is desperate to be the "cool dad," when Alan stays at his apartment for the weekend, but things take a turn once Alan's friend, Jeff, comes over.
5 5 A Taste of Zephyria Dan Mintz Bill Benz October 23, 2016 2.271M 1% 1AYA05
After learning how Zephyria is depicted in the media, Zorn attempts to teach Alan about his culture. Meanwhile, Edie wages war with her new neighbors over their talking garden gnome.
6 6 Tale of Two Zorns Greg Gallant Eric Appel November 6, 2016 2.081M 0.9% 1AYA08
After watching Alan and Craig bond over their favorite video game, Zorn uses his body double dummy "Meka-Zorn" to sneak out of work and wait in line with Alan to buy the new game in the series. Meanwhile, Edie and Linda vent their frustrations with Zorn by beating up "Meka-Zorn."
7 7 The Battle of Thanksgiving Jon Kern Payman Benz November 13, 2016 3.637M 1.6% 1AYA07
After a pep talk from Linda, Zorn crashes Edie's Thanksgiving to prove to Edie's mom how much he's matured. It goes well at first, until Edie's mom shares her views on Zephyria. Meanwhile, Alan butters up his grandmother, hoping she'll pay for his expensive summer music camp.
8 8 Return of the Drinking Buddy Reed Agnew Eric Appel December 4, 2016 3.121M 1.3% 1AYA06
Zorn's old friend Headbutt Man is coming to town. Unfortunately for Zorn, Headbutt Man is now sober. Meanwhile, Alan is invited to a party where his crush, Nancy, will be. Unfortunately, he has to take Headbutt man's daughter with him.
9 9 The War on Grafelnik Kevin Etten Eric Appel December 11, 2016 2.876M 1.2% 1AYA09
Torn between Edie's Christmas and Zorn's Grafelnik - the Zephyrian holiday of revenge - Alan realizes he can play his parents off each other to get better presents.
10 10 Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend Amelie Gillette Bill Benz January 8, 2017 4.263M 1.8% 1AYA10
With Craig and Edie's engagement party around the corner, everyone is figuring out who to bring. Alan struggles to figure out his relationship status with Layla, while Zorn rekindles with his ex, Radiana, who is literally radioactive. All the while, Craig has just received his certificate in relationship counseling and is helping others, but just can't seem to help himself.
11 11 The Battle of Self-Acceptance Elijah Aron &
Jordan Young
Bill Benz January 22, 2017 1.997M 0.9% 1AYA11
Craig is worried he's not man enough for Edie and asks Zorn to help him become a warrior. Meanwhile, to get closer to Layla, Alan finds a way to change the thing about which he's most insecure, but ends up going to extremes.
12 12 The Quest for Craig Mark Stegemann &
Matt Roller
Jared Hess February 12, 2017 1.4M 0.6% 1AYA12
When Craig runs off to get some perspective on his relationship with Edie, a road trip ensues to bring him back. Meanwhile, Alan's Zephyrian legs actually make him popular at school, but his desperation to fit in seriously puts off his lady.
13 13 All Hail Son of Zorn February 19, 2017 1.58M 0.7% 1AYA13
Seeing an opportunity to get Linda's old job back, Zorn increases Sanitation Solutions' business by tapping into the Zephyrian market. Alan tries to win Layla back by becoming Prom King - with Zorn's help.

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