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Sons of Anarchy has a large ensemble cast, portraying members of the titular club and their families, as well as law enforcers, members of rivaling clubs and gangs, and civilians. This list include every credited character with at least 2 appearances, as well as every SOA member and associated character appearing on the show.

The list is complete, including all 92 episodes of the show.


The Sons of Anarchy MC

The Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is a large, internationally spread motorcycle club, including around 30 charters worldwide.


Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, nicknamed Sam Crow, is the mother charter of the club, based in Charming, California. It was founded in 1967 by John Teller and Piney Winston, with John's son Jax Teller serving as the current president. The original nine members of the club are referred to as the First 9.

Character Actor #
Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam 92
Bobby Munson Mark Boone, Jr. 92
Chibs Telford Tommy Flanagan 92
Tig Trager Kim Coates 92
Juice Ortiz Theo Rossi 89
Clay Morrow Ron Perlman 79
Happy Lowman David Labrava 71
Opie Winston Ryan Hurst 54
Piney Winston William Lucking 49
Ratboy Skogstrom Niko Nicotera 38
Filthy Phil Russell Christopher Douglas Reed 35
Half-Sack Epps Johnny Lewis 26
Rane Quinn Rusty Coones 25
Big Otto Delaney Kurt Sutter 171
Alessandro Montez Jacob Vargas 15
John Teller Nicholas Guest 142
Eric Miles Frank Potter 13
Herman Kozik Kenny Johnson 12
T.O. Cross Michael Beach 11
Chris Von Lin Walter Wong 10
Frankie Diamonds Chuck Zito 8
Orlin West Douglas Bennett 8
GoGo Chris Browning 6
Greg the Peg Kurt Yaeger 6
Lenny "the Pimp" Janowitz Sonny Barger 3
Shepard Leo Fitzpatrick 2
Kyle Hobart Brian Van Holt 1

1All appearances are uncredited.
2Voice-only appearances. Including one episodes where John Teller also appeared visually, portrayed by Victor Newmark.


Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Belfast charter was formed on Ireland in 1987, with Keith McGee, one of the First 9 as its original president. The current president is Seamus Ryan.

Character Actor #
Keith McGee Andrew McPhee 6
Liam O'Neill Arie Verveen 6
Seamus Ryan Darin Heames 4
Luthor Barkwill Dominic Keating 2
Padraic Telford Lorcan O'Toole 2
Geezer Jason McDonald 1

Indian Hills charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Indian Hills charter was originally a small, independent club, Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club (DTMC), founded by John Teller's Vietnam War buddy Jury White. Until his death, Jury remained the charter president after the club was patched-over by the Sons of Anarchy in Season 1. The current president is Gaines.

Character Actor #
Jury White Michael Shamus Wiles 5
Gaines Tony Curran 3
Mickey Jay Thames 1
Needles Dave Williams 1

North Las Vegas charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, North Las Vegas charter has close ties to the Indian Hills charter.

Character Actor #
Hopper Steve Howey 3


Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, San Bernardino charter is a minor California charter. The current president is Les Packer.

Character Actor #
Les Packer Robert Patrick 2
Yates John Hensley 1


Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Tucson Arizona charter was led by president Armando, until his murder.

Character Actor #
Armando Lobo Sebastian 1
Benny Rolando Molina 1
Huff Brian Goodman 1
Reggie John Bishop 1
unnamed member Burton Perez 1

Rogue River charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Rogue River charter, based in Rogue River, Oregon. The current president is Monroe.

Character Actor #
Monroe Jack Cameron White 1
unnamed member Joe Rose 1

Reno charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Reno charter, based in Reno, Nevada. The current president is Hench.

Character Actor #
Hench Kevin Gage 1

Tacoma charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Tacoma charter is led by president Lee. SAMCRO members Happy and Kozik begun as Tacoma members.

Character Actor #
Lee Lee "Hamco" Staskunas 1

Dungloe charter

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Dungloe charter, based in Dungloe, Ireland, has close ties to SAMBEL.

Character Actor #
Scrum Darren Keefe 1


The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Nomads was made up by US members without a geographic base. It was recently dissolved, with its members - including Frankie Diamonds, Greg the Peg, Gogo, and nomad president Rane Quinn - joining other charters.

Character Actor #
unnamed nomad Eric "Mancow" Muller 1

The Old Ladies

An old lady is a wife or steady girlfriend of a club member.

Character Actor # Old lady of...
Gemma Teller Morrow Katey Sagal 92 John Teller / Clay Morrow
Tara Knowles-Teller Maggie Siff 79 Jax Teller
Lyla Dvorak-Winston Winter Ave Zoli 40 Opie Winston
Wendy Case Drea de Matteo 35 Jax Teller
Luann Delaney Dendrie Taylor 11 Big Otto Delaney
Brooke Putner Hayley McFarland 11 Ratboy Skogstrom
Maureen Ashby Paula Malcolmson 10 John Teller / Keith McGee
Mary Winston Julie Ariola 8 Piney Winston
Fiona Larkin Bellina Logan 7 Chibs Telford
Donna Winston Sprague Grayden 7 Opie Winston
Cherry Zambell Taryn Manning 7 Liam O'Neill
April Hobart Liane Curtis 1 Kyle Hobart
Precious Ryan Eileen Grubba 1 Bobby Munson

The children

While several of the club members have children, far from all have a close relationship with their kids.

Character Actor # Fathered by...
Abel Teller Ryder Londo 291 Jax Teller
Ellie Winston Kerris Dorsey 112 Opie Winston
Kenny Winston Mason Charles 103 Opie Winston
Trinity Ashby Zoe Boyle 7 John Teller
Kerrianne Larkin-Telford Q'orianka Kilcher 4 Chibs Telford
Dawn Trager Rachel Miner 3 Tig Trager
Charlie Hobart William F. Nicol 1 Kyle Hobart
Fawn Trager Lexi Sakowitz 1 Tig Trager
Thomas Teller Jr. unknown uncredited Jax Teller

1Including 2 episodes as portrayed by Tyler Silva, and 23 episode as portrayed by both Ryder Londo and Evan Londo, but not included episodes where portrayed by uncredited, unknown, baby and toddler actors.
2Including 10 episodes as portrayed by Lela Cortines.
3Including 9 episodes as portrayed by John Abendroth.

The Law

Both the local law enforcers of police and sherrif's departments, and the federal government, repeatedly have run-ins with the club.

Local law enforcement

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department

Character Actor # Rank
Eli Roosevelt Rockmond Dunbar 29 Lieutenant
Candy Eglee Marya Delver 20 Deputy sheriff
Deputy Cane LaMonica Garrett 17 Deputy sheriff
Althea Jarry Annabeth Gish 9 Sheriff
Deputy Carreira Josh Nasar 8 Deputy sheriff
Vic Trammel Glenn Plummer 5 Sheriff
unnamed sheriff Stacy Hall 3 Sheriff
Deputy Martinez Ramon De Ocampo 2 Deputy sheriff

Charming Police Department

Character Actor # Rank
Wayne Unser Dayton Callie 88 Retired chief
David Hale Tayler Sheridan 21 Deputy chief
Officer Craft Adrian LaTourelle 4 Officer
Officer Fain Pablo Espinosa 3 Officer

Oakland Police Department

Character Actor # Rank
Detective Goodman Derek Anthony 2 Detective
unnamed cleaner Bryan Rasmussen 2 Cleaner

Stockton Police Department

Character Actor # Rank
Charles Barosky Peter Weller 11  Retired detective
Paul Guyer Gus Buktenica 2  Sergeant
unnamed cop David Warshofsky 2  Detective

Stockton State Penitentiary

Character Actor # Rank
unnamed guard Vic Stagliano 3 Guard
Sergeant Macky Jack Conley 2 Guard sergeant
unnamed guard Price Carson 2 Guard

Federal law enforcement


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Character Actor #
June Stahl Ally Walker 19
Agent Estevez Marcos De La Cruz 9
Josh Kohn Jay Karnes 7
Amy Tyler Pamela J. Gray 6
Agent Smith Derwin Jordan 4
Agent Bowman Jeff Howard 2


The Central Intelligence Agency. (Part of the federal government, but specifically with "no police or law enforcement functions".)

Character Actor #
Alphonse Medina Al Vicente 2


The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Character Actor #
Grad Nicholas David Rees Snell 8
Agent Wright Baldeep Singh 2


The United States Marshals Service.

Character Actor #
Lee Toric Donal Logue 7


Character Actor # Position
Tyne Patterson CCH Pounder 14 District Attorney
Lincoln Potter Ray McKinnon 12 Assistant US Attorney
unnamed ADA Scott Lawrence 2 Assistant District Attorney
unnamed agent Elise Robertson 2 AUSA agent

The Gangs

Several secondary MC clubs, as well as other crime factions, continue to battle the Sons of Anarchy, throughout the series.

The Aryan Brotherhood

The Aryan Brotherhood is a national wide white supremacist crime syndicate.

Character Actor #
Ron Tully Marilyn Manson 6
Leland Gruen Brad Carter 3
Scoot Mackenzie Parker 2

The Byz Lats

The Byz Lats is a Latino street gang, led by Nero Padilla.

Character Actor #
Nero Padilla Jimmy Smits 38
Fiasco Rey Gallegos 13
Arcadio Nerona Dave Navarro 4
Gomes Mario Perez 41
Lucius Padilla Gybby Eusebio 2
Lupe Jorge-Luis Pallo 2
Renaldo Kurt Caceres 2

1Mario Perez was also credited for one more episode, playing a different character: an unnamed Calaveras MC member.

The Cacuzza crime family

The Cacuzza crime family is an Italian American mafia family, led by Jimmy Cacuzza.

Character Actor #
Jimmy Cacuzza Jeff Wincott 3

The Calaveras MC

The Calaveras is a minor hispanic motorcycle club, based in Lodi, California. Its current president is named Roscoe.

Character Actor #
Hector Salazar Jose Pablo Cantillo 9
Luisa Tara Macken 7
Pozo Fuentes Chad Guerrero 3

The Galindo Cartel

The Galindo Cartel is a powerful Mexican drug cartel, headed by Romeo Prada.

Character Actor #
Luis Torres Benito Martinez 16
Romeo Parada Danny Trejo 14
Santo Rivera Senen Reyes 2

The Grim Bastards MC

The Grim Bastards is an African American motorcycle club based in Lodi, California. Its longtime president, T.O. Cross, eventually patched over to SAMCRO.

Character Actor #
Lander Jackson Marcello Thedford 5
Sticky Malcolm-Jamal Warner 3

The Lin Triad

The Lin Triad is a San Fransisco based Chinese American organized crime syndicate, headed by Henry Lin.

Character Actor #
Henry Lin Kenneth Choi 14
Ryu Tom Ron Yuan 5
Bohai Lin Keone Young 2


The League of American Nationalists is a White supremacist organization, headed by Ethan Zobelle.

Character Actor #
Ethan Zobelle Adam Arkin 11
AJ Weston Henry Rollins 10
Polly Zobelle Sarah Jones 6
Ule Jason Matthew Smith 4
Duke Weston Trenton Rogers 3
Cliff Weston Aaron Refvem 2
Squirrel David J. Wright 2

The Mayans MC

The Mayans are a large hispanic club, present in Southern California and Nevada. SAMCRO has had several encounters with its Oakland chapter, lead by president Marcus Álvarez.

Character Actor #
Marcus Álvarez Emilio Rivera 31
El Oso Ramos Ivo Nandi 6
Rafi Jesse Garcia 5
Esai Álvarez Kevin Alejandro 2
Pedro Aldo Gonzalez 2

The Nordics

The Nordics, or The Nords, is a minor White supremacist gang, lead by Ernest Darby.

Character Actor #
Ernest Darby Mitch Pileggi 13
Izzy Dennis Keiffer 2

The One-Niners

The One-Niners, or 9'ers, is an Oakland street gang.

Character Actor #
Tyler Mo McRae 14
Laroy Wayne Tory Kittles 10
Gill E.R. Ruiz 7
Randall Hightower Winston James Francis 2
Darnell BJ Britt 2
Tyson Alfred Rubin Thompson 2

Pope Industries

Pope Industries is a business corporation headed by drug kingpins Damon Pope and August Marks.

Character Actor #
August Marks Billy Brown 14
Damon Pope Harold Perrineau 8
Moses Cartwright Mathew St. Patrick 4

The Real IRA

The Real Irish Republican Army is an Irish terrorist group, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with close ties to SAMBEL. They are headed by a council, the so-called Irish Kings, most notably Brendan Roarke, Declan Brogan and Griffin.

Character Actor #
Cameron Hayes Jamie McShane 12
Jimmy O'Phelan Titus Welliver 12
Galen O'Shay Timothy V. Murphy 11
Connor Malone Scott Anderson 10
Brendan Roarke Bob McCracken 9
Kellan Ashby James Cosmo 8
Edmond Hayes Callard Harris 8
Sean Casey Dan Hildebrand 7
Hugh Alan O'Neill 7
Declan Brogan Bart McCarthy 6
Luke Moran Kevin Kearns 6
Michael Casey Glenn Keogh 5
Donny Joel Tobeck 5
Neil Kevin Fry-Bowers 5
Elias Steven El Ray Parker Jr. 3
Peter Dooley Paul Collins 2
Declan Jason Barry 2
Griffin Ryan Cutrona 2

The Russian mafia

The Russian mafia is active throughout California.

Character Actor #
Viktor Putlova Keith Szarabajka 3
Lead Russian Dimitri Diatchenko 2

The sex industry

The sex industry, on both sides of the law, including both porn and prostitution, play a major role in the series. Besides major characters like Nero Padilla, Luanne Delaney, and Lyla Winston, several other characters operates in this field.

Character Actor #
Ima Tite Kristen Renton 12
Colette Jane Kim Dickens 7
Venus Van Dam Walton Goggins 6
Carla Wanda De Jesus 5
Georgie Caruso Tom Arnold 4
Kiki Natalie Skyy 4
Amir Ghanezi Anthony Azizi 2
Emma Jean Ashley Tisdale 2
Erin Burne Suzanne Schmidt 2
Sandy Haas Marlane Barnes 2
Winsome Inbar Lavi 2
Georgie's muscle Jaye Razor 2
unnamed hooker Chasty Ballesteros 2

The Civilians

In the United States

Character Actor #
Chuck Marstein Michael Marisi Ornstein 45
Margaret Murphy McNally Sagal 29
Jacob Hale, Jr. Jeff Kober 18
Ally Lowen Robin Weigert 15
Elliott Oswald Patrick St. Esprit 13
The homeless woman Olivia Burnette 10
Rita Roosevelt Merle Dandridge 6
Loutreesha Haddem April Grace 5
Nate Madock Hal Holbrook 5
Grant McQueen Arjay Smith 5
Floyd James Carraway 5
Dr. Balian Matt Orduna 4
Jonathan Haddem Marc Lear 4
Lowell Harland, Jr. Keir O'Donnell 4
Ms Harrison Courtney Love 4
Eviqua Michaels Ashley Monique Clark 4
Sergio Coletti Jeffrey Newman 3
Amelia Dominguez Monique Gabriela Curnen 3
Lumpy Feldstein Michael Fairman 3
Rosen Tom Everett Scott 3
Skeeter Bob Rusch 3
unnamed nurse Karen Lew 3
Karen Dunhill Tara Summers 2
Mitch Glender Blake Robbins 2
Charlie Horse Randolph Mantooth 2
Darbany Jennings Samaire Armstrong 2
Tristen Oswald Liana Liberato 2
Ms Rodriguez Jenny Gago 2
Pamela Toric Karina Logue 2
Dino John Lewis 2
Jim Jim Veneziano 2
Milo Michael Chiklis 2
Neeta Cleo King 2
Warren Joel McHale 2
unnamed assistant pastor Courtney Grant 2
unnamed nurse Wendy Haines 2
unnamed nurse Sheila Shaw 2

In Northern Ireland

Character Actor #
Katey Petrie Lilly McDowell 2
Mark Petrie Matthew Alan 2
Sister Miriam Dinah Lenney 2