Space Ghost Coast to Coast/Mayonnaise

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Season 4, Episode 10
Airdate September 19, 1997
Production Number 9710-43
Written by Andy Merrill
Directed by C. Martin Croker
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Brilliant Number One
Space Ghost Coast to CoastSeason Four

Mayonnaise is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and is the fourty-third episode overall. Space Ghost trades talk shot hosting tips with stand-up comedian Jon Stewart.

Guest Stars: Jon Stewart (Himself)


Plot Overview

The episode opens with Space Ghost recollecting a story about a villain he defeated. But, when he tells Zorak and Moltar that the line he used was "You don't wanna mess with me, Grimlock! I'll use my heat ray," the two mock him.

In the studio, Space Ghost interviews Jon Stewart and the two trade tips on being talk show hosts. Space Ghost first asks him how he deals with sidekicks, but of course Jon doesn't have any because they can't afford them. Jon also tells him that if he has Claudia Schiffer on, he shouldn't mention cheese.

They go to "break" which is still televised and come back later, with Jon asking for advice about being a talk show host. He suggests they combine into one force and Space Ghost offers him a job working on his show as courtesy clerk. Jon imparts one last piece advice before the episode ends, to always begin with a number. So, Space Ghost starts singing Dear Old Donegal. He continues singing as the credits roll.



  • Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart is a stand-up comedian and, at the time of this episode, was the host of a recently cancelled MTV talk show called, appropriately, The Jon Stewart Show. Jon is most well known as the host of The Daily Show, which he began working on in 1999.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Mike Douglas: Mike Douglas was a singer and the host of The Mike Douglas Show, a talk show that began in 1961. Douglas' show was notable for its variety in guests and being a platform for then unknown acts like Aretha Franklin to get national exposure.
Jon Stewart: 'Cause Mike Douglas won't let us.

Memorable Moments

  • Moltar accidentally unhooks Jon's oxygen and he passes out while holding his breath.


  • Zorak: I'll kick your kidneys out, and then make a pie with 'em.
    Space Ghost: Zorak!
    Zorak: Serve it to ya while you're still alive!
    Space Ghost: You're not makin' a pie, and that's that!