Space Ghost and Dino Boy

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Space Ghost and Dino Boy
Space Ghost and Dino Boy
Premiere September 10, 1966
Finale September 16, 1967
Creator Alex Toth
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute animated sci-fi action
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 20
Origin USA
This article is for the 1966 Hanna-Barbara cartoon, for the Adult Swim talk show, see Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

One of the many cartoon shows created by Hanna-Barbara during the late 1960s, Space Ghost and Dino Boy was a two part animated action/adventure series split into two parts. Half of the episode was dedicated to Space Ghost and the other to Dino Boy. Occasionally, however, an episode of the series would focus entirely on the Space Ghost plot and leave Dino Boy out. This was particularly prevalent during the second season where the Council of Doom storyline was used to introduce the various other CBS cartoons debuting. There were only 18 episodes of Dino Boy in contrast to the 42 episodes of Space Ghost.

Space Ghost was once a scientist in a distant galaxy, but one day he was recruited by the Intergalactic Police and was reborn as Space Ghost. Space Ghost's duties were something like a Green Lantern from DC Comics in that he resided on a planet (in this case, the ghost planet) and kept watch over a small sector of space. Aided by two twins named Jan and Jace, as well as their monkey Blip, Space Ghost protects the innocent from the forces of evil by way of the Phantom Cruiser.

Conversely, while Space Ghost dealt with monsters from beyond the stars, Dino Boy was about the distant past. The series starred a child who was forced to parachute from a plane that was going down and landed in a mysterious prehistoric valley. He is attacked by a sabretooth tiger, but is saved by Ugh the Caveman. The two went on to protect the Lost Valley from the various prehistoric threats around it.

Both series were created by Alex Toth, a cartoonist also responsible for Super Friends and Jonny Quest. The series was ultimately ended after two seasons on September 7, 1968. Space Ghost episodes would be replayed in early 1977 on NBC under the title Space Ghost and Frankenstein Jr. New episodes of Space Ghost would be seen in 1981 on NBC's Space Stars.



Actor Character Duration
Space Ghost
Gary Owens Space Ghost 1 2
Tim Matheson Jace 1 2
Ginny Tyler Jan 1 2
Black Widow 1 2
Don Messick Blip 1 2
Zorak 1 2
Keye Luke Brak 1 2
Ted Cassidy Metallus 1 2
Dino Boy in the Lost Valley
Johnny Carson Todd (Dino Boy) 1
Mike Road Ugh 1
Don Messick Bronto 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 10, 1966 January 7, 1967 18
Season Two September 9, 1967 September 16, 1967 2


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Series July 17, 2007 2


Episode Collections - Various Series
1960s Volume 1 May 26, 2009 2


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