Speed Racer

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Speed Racer
Premiere April 2, 1967
Finale March 31, 1968
Creator Tatsuo Yoshida
Peter Fernandez
Network/Provider Fuji TV
Style 30-minute anime action adventure
Company Tatsunoko Productions (animation)
Seasons 1
Episodes 52
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

Speed Racer is an anime action adventure cartoon series.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Katsuji Mori James "Speed" Racer
Peter Fernandez (english voice)
Kinya Aikawa Rex "Racer X" Racer
Peter Fernandez (english voice)
Kei Tomiyama Sparky
Jack Grimes (english voice)
Hiroshi Ohtake Chim Chim
Jack Grimes (english voice)
Teiji Omiya Lionel "Pops" Racer
Jack Curtis (english voice)
Yoshiko Matsuo Trixie Fontaine
Corinne Orr (english voice)
Junko Hori Spridle Racer
Corinne Orr (english voice)
Ryoko Kinomiya Mom Racer
Corinne Orr (english voice)


Season Premiere Finale #
Fuji Television
Season One April 2, 1967 March 31, 1968 52

DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Classic Collection October 7, 2008 purchase 6
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Volume 1 April 22, 2003 purchase 1
Volume 2 May 18, 2004 purchase 1
Volume 3 May 24, 2005 purchase 1
Volume 4 March 14, 2006 purchase 1
Volume 5 October 31, 2006 purchase 1
Episode Collections - Previous Releases Combined  (Region 1)
Volume One / Volume Two April 20, 2010 purchase 2


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