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Stargate Atlantis/Elizabeth Weir

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Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Stargate Atlantis
Actors Torri Higginson
Jessica Steen (SG-1 7x21-22)
Michelle Morgan (5x05)
First Appearance Stargate SG-1: 7x21 - Lost City (1)
1x01 - Rising (1)
Last Appearance 5x05 - Ghost in the Machine
Series Billing Season 13: Billed
Season 45: Recurring
Episode Count 65 + 5 on SG-1
Also Appears On Stargate SG-1


Basic Information

Dr. Elizabeth Weir, an expert civilian diplomat, was placed in charge of Stargate Command by President Henry Hayes after General Hammond was reassigned to command of the prototype X-303 cruiser Prometheus during the final defense of Earth from Anubis. Weir proved her mettle early on, standing up to Vice President Kinsey several times, including in her willingness to at least keep an open mind when Master Bra'tac came to Earth warning of the impending attack by the System Lord Anubis.

Dr. Weir is well-known for her diplomatic talents, in fact, Dr. Daniel Jackson referenced some of her work when he drafted the treaty for Earth's alliance with the Tok'ra. She is supposed to have brokered at least a dozen sensitive international treaties, and President Hayes specifically referenced her work in North Africa when convincing her to take the job at Stargate Command.

President Hayes put Weir in charge of the SGC to put a favorable public face in charge in the event of Stargate Command's declassification. However, she was abruptly shifted out of Stargate Command and military command of the facility reinstated under General Jack O'Neill, and Elizabeth was placed in command of the joint military-civilian expedition to the Ancient city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy.

Character History

Memorable Moments