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Stargate Atlantis/John Sheppard

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Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard
Stargate Atlantis
Actor Joe Flanigan
First Appearance 1x01/02 - Rising
Last Appearance 5x20 - Enemy at the Gate
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 100
Also Appears On Stargate SG-1


Basic Information

A former Air Force pilot, Lt. Colonel (then-Major) John Sheppard was assigned to McMurdo AFB in Antarctica, flying helicopters between McMurdo and the Antarctic Ancient outpost. He was recruited for the Atlantis project by General Jack O'Neill of Stargate Command after it was accidentally discovered that he possessed the rare Ancient gene allowing humans to use Ancient technology, and he traveled to the Pegasus galaxy with Dr. Weir's multi-national team of scientists and military personnel as second-in-command of the military contingent under Colonel Marshall Sumner. After Colonel Sumner's untimely death at the hands of the Wraith, Major Sheppard took over as the head of military operations in Atlantis, since they were cut off from Earth and weren't likely to get reinforcements anytime soon.

After contact with Earth was reestablished, Sheppard returned home and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel despite having a "black mark" on his service record for having disobeyed orders during a tour in Afghanistan, when he disobeyed a direct order to return to base, going out under his own initiative to rescue several of his brothers-in-arms.

Character History

  • 1x01 Rising (1): Sheppard is recruited for the Atlantis mission after it is discovered that he possesses the Ancient gene allowing him to use Ancient technology.
  • 1x02 Rising (2): Sheppard assumes command of the military detachment on Atlantis after Colonel Sumner is captured by the Wraith.
  • 2x02 The Intruder: Sheppard is promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel so he can be placed in official command of the Atlantis military detachment.

Memorable Moments

  • 1x14 Sanctuary: Sheppard becomes intimately involved with a female ascended Ancient who was condemned by her peers to an eternity protecting a small planet from the Wraith.
  • 2x08 Conversion: Sheppard is infected with Dr. Beckett's Wraith retrovirus and nearly dies.
  • 2x12 Epiphany: Sheppard is trapped on a planet where time passes more rapidly and falls in love with a woman on the brink of ascension.



"Howdy, folks. I hope I didn't crash-land on anybody."

(trying to shut off a Wraith Dart's autopilot) "Artoo, I need you to turn the autopilot off."