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Stargate SG-1/Season Two

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Season Two
Stargate SG-1
Season Premiere June 26, 1998
Season Finale March 12, 1999
Episode Count 22

Season One


Season Three

Season Two of Stargate SG-1 premiered on June 26, 1998.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate
23 1 The Serpent's Lair (3) Brad Wright Jonathan Glassner June 26, 1998
When a fleet of Goa'uld warships launches a surprise attack, the SG-1 team uses the Stargate to board an enemy ship with enough explosives to destroy the alien force. But the team's capture suddenly turns their objective into a suicide mission.
24 2 In the Line of Duty Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood July 3, 1998
On a daring mission to rescue victims of an interplanetary attack, Carter's body is inhabited by a Goa'uld. And now that Carter has brought the demon back to Earth inside her, the SG-1 team must find a way to destroy it without destroying Carter.
25 3 Prisoners Terry Curtis Fox David Warry-Smith July 10, 1998
When the SG-1 team inadvertently helps a desperate criminal, they are charged as accessories to murder and banished to a penal colony. Only one woman there has the power to help them escape but freedom might not be worth the price she is asking.
26 4 The Gamekeeper Jonathan Glassner &
Brad Wright
Martin Wood July 17, 1998
Exploring a strange and beautiful garden in a distant world, the team members are trapped, knocked unconscious, and forced to relive their most haunting memories. Now, before they can find their way back home, they must find the way back to reality.
Teleplay by Jonathan Glassner
27 5 Need Robert C. Cooper &
Damian Kindler
David Warry-Smith July 24, 1998
On a mysterious planet, Jackson saves the life of a beautiful princess, but his heroics cause the SG-1 team to be taken prisoner. Jackson and the princess fall in love, but his romance could spell doom for the entire SG-1 team.
Teleplay by Robert C. Cooper
28 6 Thor's Chariot Katharyn Powers William Gereghty July 31, 1998
O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to the planet of Cimmeria to protect it from a massive Goa'uld attack, but they are quickly outnumbered and overpowered.
29 7 Message in a Bottle Michael Greenburg &
Jarrad Paul
David Warry-Smith August 7, 1998
A seemingly harmless orb from a dead world is brought back to the base through the Stargate, but the strange device infects O'Neill with an alien organism. Now, the only chance to save him is to let the organism control him.
Teleplay by Brad Wright
30 8 Family Katharyn Powers William Gereghty August 14, 1998
SG-1 goes on a mission to rescue Teal'c's son, Rya'c, from the grasp of Apophis. But, when they finally reach Rya'c, he doesn't want to be saved -- he's been brainwashed and has accepted Apophis as his god.
31 9 Secrets Terry Curtis Fox Duane Clark August 21, 1998
The Stargate project is imperiled when a reporter threatens to expose the top-secret portal. O'Neill attempts to stop him while the rest of the team tries to save Jackson's wife who has been impregnated with a Goa'uld.
32 10 Bane Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith September 25, 1998
A giant insect has bitten Teal'c and soon his body will transform into a cocoon and give birth to hundreds of insect aliens.
33 11 The Tok'ra (1) Jonathan Glassner Brad Turner October 2, 1998
Captain Carter unwillingly becomes the host to a dying Tok'ra, a member of the resistance whose noble goal is to overthrow the evil Goa'uld empire.
34 12 The Tok'ra (2) Jonathan Glassner Brad Turner October 9, 1998
The Tok'ra are desperate for hosts so they can continue fighting the Goa'uld. Carter's father, who is dying of cancer, has nothing to lose by volunteering his body.
35 13 Spirits Tor Alexander Valenza Martin Wood October 23, 1998
SG-11 vanishes while negotiating the mining rights on a planet inhabited by a tribe known as the Salish.
36 14 Touchstone Sam Egan Brad Turner October 30, 1998
A climate-controlling touchstone is stolen from planet Madrona, causing the weather to rapidly deteriorate. And when the SG-1 team is accused of the theft, O'Neill must pursue the real thief and rescue the missing stone before Madrona perishes.
37 15 The Fifth Race Robert C. Cooper David Warry-Smith January 22, 1999
While studying alien wall inscriptions on another planet, O'Neill peers into a viewer that unleashes ancient knowledge into his mind like computer virus.
38 16 A Matter of Time Misha Rashovich Martin Wood January 29, 1999
A black hole swallows the SG-10 team, and O'Neill is sent on a rescue mission. As the hole's pull grows stronger, it draws the Stargate toward it and soon threatens to destroy Earth.
Teleplay by Brad Wright
39 17 Holiday Tor Alexander Valenza David Warry-Smith February 5, 1999
Jackson's body is swapped with that of an old Goa'uld enemy. As Jackson lies dying in the alien's ancient body, O'Neill and Teal'c accidentally switch forms too, and unless the alien is captured, all will be trapped in their new bodies forever.
40 18 Serpent's Song Katharyn Powers Peter DeLuise February 12, 1999
SG-1's arch-enemy Apophis is dying and seeks sanctuary with O'Neill. But what he really wants is a new host in exchange for his knowledge of the Goa'uld.
41 19 One False Step Michael Kaplan &
John Sanborn
William Corcoran February 19, 1999
On a routine recon mission, the SG-1 team discovers a new, friendly life form. But the encounter turns deadly for the new race because of a virus SG-1 inadvertently introduces.
42 20 Show and Tell Jonathan Glassner Peter DeLuise February 26, 1999
A boy mysteriously appears at SGC and pleas for help, claiming the Goa'uld are chasing him to find a race of invisible beings. But the SG-1 team doesn't know that the invisible aliens plan to destroy humanity…and their invasion has already begun.
43 21 1969 Brad Wright Charles Correll March 5, 1999
A solar flare sends the SG-1 team back to 1969, where the U.S. military suspects the team of espionage. O'Neill and his team escape with two Woodstock-bound kids, desperate to find the Stargate before they're stuck in the psychedelic past forever.
44 22 Out of Mind (1) Jonathan Glassner Martin Wood March 12, 1999
O'Neill awakens, seemingly from a 79-year cryogenic sleep, to find that his team is long dead. He soon discovers that it's all a setup and he is actually a prisoner of the Goa'uld, who intend to learn all his secrets and then destroy him.

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