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Stargate SG-1
Actor Christopher Judge
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Basic Information

Teal'c was the First Prime of the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis, and has become one of the leaders of the Free Jaffa movement.

Character History

Teal'c served the System Lord Apophis for most of his life, eventually working his way up through the ranks of Apophis' Jaffa until he became Apophis's First Prime, the highest-ranking Jaffa in Apophis' service. He became disillusioned with the Goa'uld's supposed godhood, however, and tested Apophis on several occasions before coming to the conclusion that the Goa'uld were in fact not gods at all. When an opportunity arose after the capture of Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team were captured on Chulak, he shot several of his brothers and allowed O'Neill, SG-1 and dozens of captured civilians to escape Apophis' fortress. O'Neill convinced Teal'c to come with them, and Teal'c, after a shaky start, became a valued member of SG-1.

Teal'c remained at O'Neill's side through the subsequent years, fighting both for the interests of the "Tau'ri" and for the burgeoning Free Jaffa movement alongside his old Jaffa mentor, Bra'tac. Eventually, after years of conflict, the Jaffa won their freedom and Teal'c left Earth's service for a time to sit on the new Jaffa nation's interim council, although he later rejoined SG-1 under the leadership of the newly-joined Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

Memorable Moments