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Season One
Season Premiere November 30, 2015
Season Finale February 22, 2016
Episode Count 11





Season Two

Season One of Superstore premiered on November 30, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Justin Spitzer Ruben Fleischer November 30, 2015 7.206M 2%
Jonah begins his first day on the job at big-box store Cloud 9 and immediately starts a rocky relationship with floor supervisor Amy when he comes off as elitist and mistakenly marks appliances for only a quarter. He is also the romantic target of aggressive assistant manager Dina, whose bible is the employee code of conduct. Pregnant Cheyenne shares a memorable moment with her boyfriend, Bo.
2 2 Magazine Profile Matt Hubbard Michael Patrick Jann November 30, 2015 5.35M 1.6%
Store manager Glenn gets overly excited when the Cloud 9 corporate magazine, Stratus, is interested in a story. The reporter, Cynthia, is more focused on Jonah, however, and the two develop a more-than-business relationship, which Amy had suspected. Garrett does his best to avoid be photographed for the magazine's cover. Cheyenne asks her boyfriend, Bo, to come up with a corporate jingle to help earn money to pay expenses for their upcoming baby.
3 3 Shots and Salsa Justin Spitzer Ruben Fleischer December 28, 2015 2.622M 0.8%
It's flu season and Cloud 9 is flooded with shoppers looking to get vaccinated. When Jonah offers to help out in the store pharmacy, he is tasked with administering flu shots, resulting in his most stressful day yet. Elsewhere, Glenn needs an employee to put on a sombrero and hand out samples of the new store salsa and conspicuously looks to Amy and the one other Hispanic employee Carmen to do it. Both of these series of events lead to an impromptu diversity seminar for the staff.
4 4 Mannequin Jonathan Green
Gabe Miller
Victor Nelli, Jr. January 4, 2016 6.036M 1.8%
When Jonah's coworkers discover a mannequin that looks exactly like him, it quickly becomes everyone's newest obsession. While doing his best to prove to Amy and everyone else that the teasing doesn't bother him, Jonah ends up doing the complete opposite. Elsewhere Cheyenne is thinking of putting her baby up for adoption, pitting Glenn and Dina against one another in a fight over who would make the better parent.
5 5 Shoplifter Jackie Clarke Ruben Fleischer January 11, 2016 5.376M 1.5%
Amy's daughter Emma is without childcare and has to come to the store for the day. Unfortunately, this is against store policy, so when Glenn pulls Amy away to help him with a task, Jonah has to keep Amy's secret and an eye on Emma. Elsewhere Mateo and Cheyenne fight over a couch that is on sale because an elderly man passed away on it and Dina tries to catch a shoplifter.
6 6 Secret Shopper Lon Zimmet Alex Hardcastle January 18, 2016 5.66M 1.7%
When Glenn publicly congratulates Jonah for his superb test results, Amy becomes slightly annoyed and competitive, resulting in a chaotic battle of street smarts vs. book smarts. Meanwhile, the rest of the Cloud 9 team are on the lookout for a secret shopper, determined to be on their best behavior for him.
7 7 Color Wars Jack Kukoda Andy Ackerman January 25, 2016 4.934M 1.5%
The game is afoot when Glenn declares that all employees will receive a $200 bonus if the store reaches a certain sales goal by the end of the day. As the associates scramble to upsell their customers, Jonah struggles with his morality while convincing a customer to purchase many expensive items. Unfortunately for Ben, this customer happens to be Amy's husband. Meanwhile, a bored Glenn and Dina work together to throw a party for everyone after they meet their sales goal.
8 8 Wedding Day Sale Sierra Teller Ornelas Victor Nelli, Jr. February 1, 2016 4.89M 1.4%
Preparing for their annual wedding themed sale, the employees of Cloud 9 experience the most hectic day filled with frantic and aggressive customers. When Amy notices that Cheyenne and Bo are two of these customers looking to make lavish purchases for their own wedding, she tries to help them understand the costs of having a child. Unfortunately, this terrifies Bo, causing him to flee the store. Amy and Dina team up to search for him and enjoy their unlikely car adventure together. Meanwhile, Jonah and Garrett try to cheer up Cheyenne by helping her brainstorm ideas and themes for the wedding. Determined to show that not all Christians are against gay marriage, Glenn enlists the help of Mateo to assist a gay couple with their wedding planning.
9 9 All-Nighter Eric Ledgin Christine Gernon February 8, 2016 5.198M 1.4%
After a long day, the entire staff is waiting for a truck to deliver new Cloud 9 signage that they'll have to hang throughout the store by morning. Everyone has somewhere to be, tensions are running high and it's only made worse when Glenn announces that the truck is delayed and they're in for a long night. With hours to kill in an empty Cloud 9, our gang finds themselves bonding in the most unusual and creative ways.
10 10 Demotion Matt Hubbard &
Lon Zimmet
Linda Mendoza February 15, 2016 3.889M 1.2%
Following an awkward conversation with Dina about her .feelings, a panicked Jonah claims he would date her if she wasn't his supervisor. Dina goes to Glenn (Mark McKinney) and asks for a demotion, leaving Jonah in the awkward position of trying to break up with her in a non-confrontational way. Additionally, this potential demotion forces Glenn to find a replacement for Dina, but it turns out that Amy and Mateo might be the only qualified candidates. Amy gets the position, resulting in a very bitter Mateo.
11 11 Labor Owen Ellickson Beth McCarthy-Miller February 22, 2016 4.683M 1.4%
Although Cheyenne finally has the baby, she refuses to stop working as Cloud 9 employees do not get paid maternity leave. Jonah insists that they contact corporate to ask for a change, but when Amy makes the call, Ben mentions the word "union," sending corporate into a frenzy and resulting in a representative flying out to Cloud 9.

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