Swamp Thing (2019)/Season One

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Season One
Swamp Thing (2019)
Season Premiere May 31, 2019
Season Finale August 2, 2019
Episode Count 10

Season One of Swamp Thing premiered on May 31, 2019.


# # Title Available Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot May 31, 2019 1.105M 0.2% T33.01008
When a mysterious illness strikes the small Louisiana town of Marais, CDC investigator Abby Arcane is sent back to investigate. Meanwhile, biologist Alec Holland goes missing while investigating in the depts of the swamp and something else rises in his place: Swamp Thing, a mysterious creature born of the swamp's mystical and terrifying secrets.
2 2 Worlds Apart June 7, 2019 802k 0.1% T33.10352
Certain that Alec's disappearance is more than an accident, Abby and Matt venture into the swamp, where she encounters Swamp Thing. Scientist Jason Woodrue comes to Marais.
3 3 He Speaks June 14, 2019 674k 0.1% T33.10353
When her friend and co-worker Harlan is stricken with the "green flu," Abby searches Alec's lab for a cure, but instead finds the latest supernatural reanimation from the Rot.
4 4 Darkness on the Edge of Town June 21, 2019 848k 0.2% T33.10354
While Swamp Thing senses a growing darkness within the swamp, Abby's return dredges up her dark history with Avery and Maria. We learn more about the mysterious Dan Cassidy.
5 5 Drive All Night June 28, 2019 735k 0.1% T33.10355
Haunted by the ghost of her childhood friend, Abby is forced to confront both her past with the Sunderlands, as well as the dark forces at play in Marais. When Abby's life is threatened, Swamp Thing uses his abilities to save her, but it's Matt, who ultimately, saves the day, further isolating Swamp Thing from the human world.
6 6 The Price You Pay July 5, 2019 656k 0.1% T33.10356
Matt learns the truth about Alec Holland. Meanwhile, Avery pressures Woodrue to deliver results, which escalates his experiments with Swamp Thing's genetic materials and leads him to test.
7 7 Brilliant Disguise July 12, 2019 604k 0.1% T33.10357
Still taking on the human appearance of Alec Holland, Swamp Thing guides Abby to an area of the swamp blighted with the encroaching rot, but, when her life is threatened, he must use all of his still-developing powers to save her. Meanwhile, Lucilia leads Avery out into the swamp under a false pretense, while Maria meets with Nathan Ellery, the leader of the shadowy finance group known as The Conclave.
8 8 Long Walk Home July 19, 2019 448k 0.1% T33.10358
Swamp Thing, rescues an injured man who upon recovering, vows to return and help find a cure. Facing new pressures from Dr. Palomar and the CDC, Abby returns to Atlanta, only to be confronted by Nathan Ellery and the Conclave. Matt learns the truth about Avery Sunderland.
9 9 The Anatomy Lesson July 26, 2019 655k 0.1% T33.10359
After being captured and taken to a Conclave facility, Swamp Thing is experimented upon by Jason Woodrue, who makes an incredible discovery. Meanwhile, Abby and Liz track down the secret facility to free Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, Daniel Cassidy makes a fateful decision based on a possible future that the Phantom Stranger shows him.
10 10 Loose Ends August 2, 2019 576k 0.1% T33.10360
Still reeling from the revelation of the truth behind his existence, Swamp Thing goes on the offensive against Ellery's mercenary team hunting him. Meanwhile, Abby comes up against Jason Woodrue who's crossed the line to save his wife's life. Meanwhile, Liz tries to help Daniel Cassidy escape the curse of the Blue Devil and leave Marais once and for all, as Avery Sunderland attempts to find a resolution to his relationship with Lucilia and Matt Cable.