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The A-Team/Chopping Spree

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Chopping Spree
Season 2, Episode 19
Airdate February 14, 1984
Production Number 1222
Written by Stephen Katz
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
Produced by John Ashley
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It's a Desert Out There
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Harder Than It Looks
The A-TeamSeason Two
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Chopping Spree is the nineteenth episode of the second season of The A-Team, and the thirty-third episode overall.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Also Starring: Marla Heasley (Tawnia Baker)

Guest Stars: Joe Colligan (Davey), Lee Patterson (Tony Victor)

Special Guest Star: Dennis Franz (Sam Friendly)

Co-Starring: Liberty Godshall (Cindy), Ken Foree (Dirksen), Nick Shields (Tiny Roscoe)

Featuring: Bruce Tuthill (Guy)


Plot Overview

A young Man that The A-Team helped is fired from his job as a Restaurant Parking Valet.The young man Davey was fired because he could not stop thieves from stealing an expensive Car from a. Restaurants Parking Lot.Davey contacts the A-Team to explain his situation.According to Davey,there has been a rash of Cars stolen from Restaarant Parking Lots of late, and only from Restaurants,and only the the most expentive looking Cars.The A-Team feels that the Car thieves steal the Cars,takes them to a Chop Shop,and sells various parts across the Country.The A-Team's plan is to catch these Thieves with an expensive bait.The bait they will use is Face's Car.The Team will await for the thieves to strike,and then they will strike at the thieves.Their plan works,but not the way they wanted.The thieves strike,but it is B.A.'s Van that is stolen.This happens when the Team believing that a thief was about steal Face's Corvette rushes towards him leaving the Van open,and the real thieves steals.The Team attempts pursuit of the Van,but Face's Corvette is unable to catch it.This leaves Team with a dilemma.They not only lost a possible lead to the thieves Chop Shop,but B.A. angrier than he has been before,and mostly at Face.But,B.A. will soon cool down.The Team learns that a Man name Sam Friendly is most likely the one who deals in the stealing,and selling of expensive Auto parts.He not only steals expensive Cars,but sells parts back to the people he had stolen them from.The Team has to put this guy out of business...permanantly.Using Face's skills as a smooth talker,and Hannibal as a wealthy guy wanting to buy expensive Cars,they get close to Friendly.They get Friendly to take them to his Chop Shop(the place where B.A.'s Van,and other Vehicle presently kepted),and are about to put him out of business when The A-Team gets an unexpectant surprise.The surprise being an underworld Mobster name Tony Victor whom Friendly is working for.Tony Victor had earlier told Friendly to duplicate a Car making it look like a Police Car.Victor's plan is to assassinate a D.A. who is attending the Funeral of the Judge who was to hand down a sentence on Victor.The Judge having died before he could sentence Victor assured Victor's freedom...until the District Attorney decided to go after Victor,and is really coming down hard on Victor.Victor decided to take out the D.A. before the latter nails him.So,he has Friendly duplicate an exact copy of the real Police Cars which will also be present at the Judges Funeral.Victor will then kill the D.A.The A-Team must stop this tragedy.They escape Friendly,and his men,and foil Tony Victor's plan that results in Victor being arrested for attempted murder.Everything works out for the better except for Tony Victor,and Sam Friendly,and their henchmen,as all will receiving Prison sentencesAs for our heroes,.B.A. gets his Van back,unscaved,Davey is cleared of any wrongdoing,and gets another job,and Murdock who was growing a plant(which was also in B.A.s Van when it was stolen) gives his plant a new Home with other plants in a desserted Area of the City.Everybody including B.A. says Good-bye to Murdocks Plant.


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The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The A-Team's pursuit of thieves stealing B.A.s Van.Face flirting with Friendly's girlfriend.Hannibal dressing like an emfeminate wealthy businessman.The A-Team shooting it out with Tony Victor,and his men.B.A. winking at the plant as his way nof saying Good-bye.