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Firing Line (3)
Season 5, Episode 3
Airdate October 10, 1986
Production Number 1508
Written by Frank Lupo
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
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The A-TeamSeason Five
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Firing Line (3) is the third episode of the fifth season of The A-Team, and the eighty-eighth episode overall.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock), Eddie Velez (Frankie Santana)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

and Also Starring: Robert Vaughn (Hunt Stockwell)

Guest Starring: Frank McCarthy (Underwood), Judith Ledford (Cara), Rodney Saulsberry (Sergeant Reager)

Co-Starring: John Durbin (), Dan Tullis (), Tiiu Leek (Herself)

Featuring: Kathrine Heard (Nurse), Dan Woren (Sargeant), Tony Ciccone (Orderly), Alison Rinehart (Girl in Bikini), Bill Dyer (Father Stellini)


Plot Overview

The A-Team are sentenced to be executed within afew days.Murdock who is distrunt about his friends impending demise that he is put into a straitjacket by his keepers at the V.A. Hospital.Murdock however escapes,and proceeds to visit Frankie at his Apartment.Murdock makes it to Frankies Apartment,he picks the lock on Frankies door,enters,and is met with Machine-Gun fire along with Frankies recorded voice of warning to leave.Murdock knows that it is a bluff met to scare off intruders,and confronts Frankie who is hiding in his Closet.Murdock asks for Frankies help in a plan to rescue his friends.Frankie wants to help very much.Frankie warns Murdock about Stockwells men lurking about.So true is this that when both men start to leave the Apartment,they are met with two of Stockwells men both blandishing Sub-Machineguns.Murdock,and Frankie get the drop on these men,one of whom falls down an Elevator Shaft.He survived the fall,and would be laying in a Hospital for some time.Murdock,and Frankie take the other one to Stockwell,where he was inquiring to his Assistant Carla about his two Agents.No sooner had he inquired,then Murdock,and Frankie drops in,and drops the other Agent on the Floor right be Stockwells feet.Murdock then comes to the point about the reason for his coming there.He wants The A-Team freed from the Island Prison.He also knows that Stockwell wants the same thing.He confronts Stockwell about everything that he was responsible for from the time that he had Hannibal brought to his Secret to the sentencing of The A-Team to a firing squad.Murdock knows that Stockwell wants The A-Team alive for his own purpose.Stockwell though he does not admit to engineering matters pertaining to the Teams cuurent state,he also does not denie any of the things Murdock has said.He gives Murdock very little help in securing the freedom of the Team.He would in the coming episodes do likewise.Murdock,and Frankie will work out a plan to freeing the Team.Meanwhile,Face,Hannibal,and B.A. each have dreams about their current situation.Face dreams about a pretty girl walking towards him with a Bottle of Champagne at his execution,but Face does not get a chance to drink any just before he is exected.He awakens with a cold sweat.Hannibal fantasizes about an escape plan where he,and the guys overpower the guards grab some guns,and shoot their way out.They nearly suceed before Face is wounded by a bullet,and B.A. tries to help him.Hannibal is working on a plan,but he tells Face,and B.A. that he still needs to get the kinks out of what could be a smooth escape plan.B.A. has a fantasy that Murdock rescues them in a Helicopter when they are about to be executed.While Hannibal,and Face grab onto the side of the Helicopter,B.A.moves slowly towards it(he still has a fear of flying).Murdock hovering over wants B.A. to promise that he would act right towards Murdock forever to which B.A. replys Yes to all but one of the promises.To this last promise B.A goes back to the execution post,and says shoot.Then his fantasy is over.Later on Stockwell visits the guys who are less than thrilled to see him understandedly.He makes them a final,and unlike the previous offers an honest one.Hannibal knows what Stockwell wants:For The A-Team to work for the Government(under Stockwells direction) on a temporary basis.If The A-Team agrees,he(Stockwell) will promise them a full Pardon to be given by people in High Places within the Government.He lets The A-Team know that the type of Missions he sends them on would be special types( some suicides)A-Team types,in other words not for the usual Agents.Stockwell then leaves,hoping that The A-Team makes their escape,since Stockwell cannot,or would not aide in their escape.The A-Team would have to make their own escape.Thankfully Murdock with the aide of Frankie have come up with a plan.It is an ingenuise plan that would help secure the guys escape,and wouls unite Murdock with his Friends when their new Home will be in Langley,Virginia.Frankie will be joining them as well since having helped the Team to escape,he too will be wanted like the Team on a higher level than they were wanted previously.Frankie will also be helping the Team on their Missions.Stockwell will keep his promise to Frankie as well,to make sure that his Fathers medical needs are takened cars of.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The Firing Squad scenes.Both Real,and Fantasy.The final scene in this episode,where Murdock comes to their new Home,and brings some Dogs to show the guys what his new job is.Sweeping up straw Dogs as Murdock puts it.Murdock dresses as a Priest to to enter the guys Cells.Frankie eqipps Hannibal with fake blood packets,and pills to similate their death.