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One More Time
Season 1, Episode 11
Airdate April 12, 1983
Production Number 1110
Teleplay by Frank Lupo &
Patrick Hasburgh
Story by Babs Greyhosky
Directed by Arnold Laven
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The A-TeamSeason One
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One More Time is the eleventh episode of the first season of The A-Team.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Melinda Culea (Amy Allen), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Guest Stars: Ed Grover (Major Briggs), Alan Fudge (Mr. Perry), Nico Minardos (Rashaad), Warren Kemmerling (General Ludlam), Amy Steel (Kathy Ludlam), Danny Wells (Film Director), Barbra Horan (Rhonda), Dean Santoro ()

Special Guest Star: William Lucking (Colonel Lynch)

Co-Starring: Dennis Haysbert (Psych Ward Staff), Casey King (Assistant Director)

Featuring: Patrick Cameron (Guard), Rick Fitts (Burrows), Robb Madrid (Sergeant at Arms), Judd Omen (Guerrilla)


Plot Overview

Colonel Lynch locates Hannibal working on a Movie set.It is a back alley set where Hannibal( dressed as a bag woman)is being attacked by a monster.Lynch interrupts the director who is setting up the scene to be filmed by trying to arrest Hannibal.He mistakenly grabs the man dressed as the monster(thinking he is Hannibal)while the bag woman Hannibal escapes.Realising his mistake Lynch,and his assistant go after the real Hannibal who had escaped on a motorcycle.Hannibal goes to warn Face about Lynch.Face who talking to a young lady gets Hannibals warning about Lynch,and gets on the back of the motorcycle.They then proceed to go warn B.A who is in a garage.Lynch's MP'S have been watching the garage for a long time,and is certain that B.A.does'nt know that they are outside waiting to arrest him.They could'nt be more behind the wheel of his Van,starts his ignition,and crashes through the garage door.The MP'S surprised by this proceeds to chase after B.A.Soon,B.A.meets up with Hannibal,and Face,but not the way that any of them wanted.Hannibal swirves to avoid hitting B.A.,and B.A.drives over a fire hydrant,and into another car.Lynch,and the MP'S draw their weapons on the guys.It seems that Lynch has finally captured the Team.Face who had felt he was going to be sick looks as though he about to vomit on Lynch psychs him out.He was just kidding.Meanwhile Amy receives News from the telepromptor that the team has been captured.She calls Murdoch who is working with the caged animals at the VA Hospital with his fellow patients.She informs Murdoch about the guy's capture,and tells Amy to meet him outside the Military Base.Murdoch creates a divirgin to escape by releasing some of the animals from their cages.Back at the Base Lynch is basking in his triumpt about his capture of the A-Team.But that is soon short-lived.Two men enter the interrogation where the A-Team is also present.The two are a Pentagon Official name Major Briggs,and a State Department Official name Perry.With official papers in hand they are taking charge of the A-Team.Lynch thinks that the top brass are trying to "hog the glory" for what he(Lynch) has spent 10 years been doing.Mr.Perry however straighens out Lynch by reminding him that it was he who has been keeping the A-Team story alive by his consistant pursuit of them.He further puts Lynch in his place by telling him,if does not want spend the rest of his commission packing parachutes,he had better stay in place.Lynch threatens to take this matter to the Top.But,Perry ends the exchange of words by saying"I am the Top".Lynch then leaves,defeated.The purpose for the take over is explained to the Team by both Major Briggs,and Mr.Perry.They want the A-Team to go a rescue mission.The persons that they want rescued is General Ludlum,and his daughter.The A-Team had served under General Ludlum years before during the Vietnum War.B.A.remembers him not too fondly since B.A. had punche dhim in the nose.B.A. said that the General said that he did not salute him.B.A. hates being called a liar.He was put in the stockade.The General,and his daughter had been captured by a maniac dictator named Rashawn.Rashawn wants a secret government plans in exchange for releasing the General,and his daughter.The Government fears that Rashawn will torture the information from the General unless they rescue him.The reason the Government wants the A-Team to rescue Ludlum,and his daughter Kathy is because they are the perfect assault team,and as fugitives they have no connections with the Government(who for political reasons will not be implicated).In exchange for their going on the mission the A-Team will get what Mr. Perry says"a head start".He can't promise the early charges against them be dropped but if they succeed they will have to serve the full 30-years that their sentence carry.They ask to discuss the matter in private.Alone,but not out of earshot the team discuss the matter.Hannibal is all for the mission,but Face,and B.A.are unwilling.Face because this Rashawn is a maniac,a butcher.Everyday the news reports of torture,and firing squads.With B.A. he is mad the General had him locked up.After some more discuusion Hannibal agrees...they go on the mission.Outside the Base Amy awaits for Murdoch who shows up in a Bakery Truck.Murdochs plan is to bluff his way pass the Guards to rescue the guys.Before he does however he,and Amy see the team being excorted in a car,except for B.A.who is being carried out to the car by the MP'S.The team having agreed to the mission had B.A.'S Milk spiked with knock out drops to get him on the Airplane that the'll be using.Not knowing what is going on Murdoch,and Amy follow at descreat distance.After the team get on a airplane,Murdoch secures another,and with Amy tagging along follows the other plane.After being in the air for some time,The team jumps from the plane over Borneo(the country where General Ludlum,and his daughter are being held prisoners).Having seen the guys jump out Murdoch,and Amy follow in suit.They are forced to abandon the pilotless airplane.Having landed,Hannibal,and Face try to get the parachute off B.A. before he wakes up.Too late fully conscience.They try to convince B.A. that the Government spiked all of their drinks,and then pushed all three of them out the Airplane.B.A.isn't fully convinced but there is no time since parachuting down they may have been spotted by patrols.So,they have to work fast.Find General Ludlum,and his daughter,and then escape fast.On another side of the woods Murdoch,and Amy parachuted also without being spotted.According to the map given to then the team mistakely charches into a kitchen(believing it to be Rashawns Headquarters).They are captured.Reuniting with The General Hannibal lays out their plan of escape with the Generals help.Little does the team realise that Murdoch,and Amy are also forming a plan to rescue them all.With both plans at work our Heroes succeed with the mission, knocked unconscience again(By General Ludlum),and put on a Helicopter to which the team takes off in,and all return to the States.Soon after,the Newspaper publishes the The A-Teams rescue,and escape.Colonel Lynch is reading how the A-Team is again on the run.Lynch is frustrated that two men whom he never seen before had taken over,and how the Pentagon disavows any knowledge of Mr.Perry,and Major Briggs,and how it will take him Month's to find The A-Team.As Lynch is griping about this he sees the A-Team Van.The A-Team having had a close call with Lynch figures that it will take Lynch Months to get back on their trail.Lynch who is in an MP Car,and The A-Team's Van are driving on the same road spot each other,and then the chase begins.


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