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Trouble on Wheels
Season 3, Episode 7
Airdate October 30, 1984
Production Number 1311
Written by Mark Jones
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
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The A-TeamSeason Three
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Trouble on Wheels is the seventh episode of the third season of The A-Team, and the forty-fourth episode overall.

Starring: George Peppard (Col. John "Hannibal" Smith), Dirk Benedict (Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck), Dwight Schultz (H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Guest Stars: Mills Watson (Hoyt Plummer), James Luisi (Jimmy Durkee)

Special Guest Star: Joe Santos (Rudy Garcia)

Co-Starring: Dennis Pratt (Williams), Ken Gibbel (McCormick), Daniel Chodos (Security Guard), Ron Recasner (Matt)

Featuring: Melinda Moreno (Mrs. Garcia), Michelle Rosas (Melody Garcia)


Plot Overview

Rudy Garcia an ex-con is trying to go.He works at an Automotive Plant.While working there,he uncovers some crooked activities going on,like theft of Auto parts by certain individuals.He writes these thefts in a daily journal,with plans of turning them in to the right Authorities.Before he can do any reporting,he is knocked unconscience,and takened to a secret place,where the criminals(who are all wearing skimasks) let Rudy know that they know about his gathering of evidence against them.They at first try talking him into forgetting about his written report on their activities.When that fails to dissuade him,they threaten to harm his wife,and child.To further dissuade him,these masked criminals start beating on him.When they are finished,Rudy is left with bruises on his face.Bruised,yes but not dissuades.Rudy,knowing he needs help,seeks out the A-Team.Like other clients seeking the A-Teams help,he goes through the usual routines.He is instructed to drive towards a certain street.He does,and is stopped by a Policeman.The Policeman is really Hannibal.He stops Rudy on the pretext that he ran through a STOP Sign.He is about to give Rudy a ticket,but testing Rudy's honesty offers to forget the ticket for a bribe.Rudy instead prefers the ticket,and doing so,Hannibal shows him the Ticket written across saying "You just found The A-Team".Having passed the honesty test,Hannibal introduces himself to Rudy,who now proceeds to follow Hannibal in his phony Patrol Car.The other Team members follow from a distance.Rudy explains further his predicament to the Team,that it is not just Rudy,and his Family that needs the help,but the other Auto Plant Worker.They all got together to fund the cost of whatever fee that is needed(The A-Team's Fee)to stop the criminal activities,and threats.The Team accepts the job.They will need to get into the Plant in order to find out the people who were responsible for the rash of Auto Parts thefts.Rudy does the hiring in his Department,he can get Hannibal a job inside.Hannibal begins to steal Auto Parts,knowing that this would get the attention of of the crooks.Which it does indeed.They knock Hannibal unconscience,put him into a Van,and drive to the same secret place that they drove Rudy to,and just as they had done to Rudy,they warn Hannibal,and then proceed pounding on him.Fortunately,Hannibal was equipped with a watch recorder while he was unconscience.The recorder picked up various sounds,that B.A was able to detect.Having used the city Map,The A-Team is able to locate the place where Hannibal,and Ruby were takened.It is a Warehouse.The Team goes to the Warehouse,and finds four men stealing Boxex,containing the stolen Auto Parts.These same men are also the one that kidnapped Hannibal,and Rudy.The Team takes pictures of the men,and then goes to confront them(wearing skimask just as the crooks had done earlier).They fight,and defeat the crooks.They try to get the men to talk as to whom they are working for.The men refuse to name their boss,even with the threat of being arrested with the pictures takened.So,Hannibal,and Team take the stolen Parts,and leave.Knowing that those guys fear their boss more than they do Prison,Hannibal comes up with a plan to bring their secret boss out into the open,and nail all the criminals together.There will of course be some unexpectant happenings along the way,one of which The A-Team nearly getting arrested by a Security Guard,and Rudy and his Family being kidnapped.These are just minor setbacks.The A-Team will deal rescue Rudy,and his Family,and give the criminals a just defeat.


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Behind the Scenes

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Memorable Moments

Hannibal unconscience while his watch recorder picks up sounds.Murdock dropping the garage door on the Security Guard,and then accidently dropping it on B.A's foot...twice.