The Andy Griffith Show/Those Gossipin' Men

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Those Gossipin' Men
Airdate January 16, 1961
Written by Charles Stewart
Jack Elinson
Directed by Bob Sweeney
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The Horse Trader
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The Beauty Contest
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason One

Guest Stars: Howard McNear (Floyd Lawson), Cheerio Meredith (Emma Brand), Jack Finch (Wilber Finch), Jonathan Hole (Orville Monroe), Mary Treen (Clara Lindsey), Phil Chambers (Jason), Harry Antrim (Fred Walker), Sara Seegar


Plot Overview

Irritated that Andy is teasing her and her friends because their latest round of gossip has Barney's cut finger ending with him shooting himself dead in just a few hours, Aunt Bee decides to turn the tables on him by hinting that there might be more to a traveling shoe salesman from New York than meets the eye. Andy, Barney, and the rest of the men in town start to speculate about his real occupation and when Wilbur Finch requests a TV for his room at the hotel, the men soon believe he's a talent scout for a television show. They call on him, one by one, to order shoes, but really to audition themselves or their children. Mr.Finch sells 67 pairs of shoes, a new record, and leaves Mayberry renewed, while the men stand there pointing fingers at each other. Bee and Emma smile and wave from across the street.