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The Art of More/Season One

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Season One
The Art of More
Season Premiere November 9, 2015
Season Finale November 19, 2015
Episode Count 10



Season Two

Season One of The Art of More premiered on November 9, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Available
1 1 Heavy Lies the Head Chuck Rose Gary Fleder November 9, 2015
After auction house Parke-Mason lands a coveted art collection, rookie dealer Graham Connor finds himself the new golden boy. But a smuggler from Graham's past threatens his hard-won success. Tensions mount when mogul Sam Brukner's collection sparks fierce competition between rival auction houses.
2 2 Whodunnit? Gardner Stern Gary Fleder November 19, 2015
After the theft of a Pete Townshend artifact throws an auction into jeopardy, Graham must track down the stolen object while risking exposure of his own illicit past. Meanwhile, Graham’s rival Roxanna Whitman stoops to new lows in order to land a dying man's priceless art collection.
3 3 Mint Condition Chuck Rose Steven A. Adelson November 19, 2015
A couple finds millions in coins buried in their yard, triggering fierce competition between Graham and Roxanna. But when Graham gets lured to a party by Brukner, he must choose between two prestigious accounts. Meanwhile, Uzay and Demir meet with the Russian mob, setting up Graham as the fall guy.
4 4 Just Say Faux Gardner Stern Steven A. Adelson November 19, 2015
To up the value of the newly signed Swift collection, Roxanna resorts to fraud, but Swift's nephew smells a rat. Graham employs underhanded methods in order to seal the deal with Brukner. Graham, Uzay and Demir meet the Russian mob boss to sell the mask, but the deal goes disastrously south.
5 5 One Ton Depot Chuck Rose Erik Canuel November 19, 2015
After the Russian mob disaster, Graham and the smuggling gang lie low. But when Graham brings his girlfriend Elizabeth home for a family gathering, his double life threatens to surface. Roxanna, in her efforts to secure the Swift collection's integrity, finds herself the target of blackmail.
6 6 Ride Along Evan Hart &
Kyle Stephen
Erik Canuel November 19, 2015
The FBI closes in on Hassan, forcing Graham to risk his life to get Hassan and the antiquities over the border. In the process, he learns a terrible secret about the treasures. As Richard Swift continues to pressure Roxanna for control of the family's collection, she hires a P.I. to investigate him.
7 7 The Quatrefoil David Kob Shawn Piller November 19, 2015
The FBI questions Graham as Hassan applies pressure on him to sell more illegal antiquities. Davenport hosts a bigwig fundraiser, causing tensions to rise as enemies and rival auction houses are thrown together. Brukner’s feelings for Roxanna grow, as do his ambitions to launch his political career.
8 8 The Name of the Game Chuck Rose Shawn Piller November 19, 2015
Graham tries to land the account of a controversial NFL player while Hassan risks capture in order to see his family. After Graham learns a secret about Roxanna and the Swift collection, their relationship takes a shocking turn. Prescott sets a trap for Graham that threatens his job at Parke-Mason.
9 9 The Interview David Kob Jeff Renfroe November 19, 2015
Brukner’s political ambitions are threatened when past misdeeds surface on the eve of his auction. Roxanna finds damning evidence against Graham and must decide fast how to use it. Graham's troubles mount after Brukner learns Graham betrayed him, while Hassan's partners plot to eliminate Graham.
10 10 The Card Players Chuck Rose Jeff Renfroe November 19, 2015
Brukner takes brutal action against Graham. When Roxanna confronts Graham with the truth, they work together toward a resolution. Members of the smuggling gang plot to take out one another, with Hassan caught in the middle. A final confrontation leads to devastating results.

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