The Astronaut Wives Club/Season One

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Season One
The Astronaut Wives Club
Season Premiere June 18, 2015
Season Finale August 20, 2015
Episode Count 10

Season One of The Astronaut Wives Club premiered on June 18, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Launch Stephanie Savage Lone Scherfig June 18, 2015 5.512M 1.1% 101
With death defying missions underway, these women form a bond only they could understand. As Alan Shepherd is tapped to be the first to go up, his wife Louise is the picture of strength as she handles the pressures of space exploration and her responsibilities as wife and mother. With the other women by her side, the race to space.
2 2 Protocol Becky Hartman Edwards Lone Scherfig June 25, 2015 4.495M 0.8% 102
As Louise and Alan Shepard bask in the success of his mission, Betty Grissom preps for Gus' launch and turns to Louise for advice. And Annie Glenn grapples with her stutter, anticipating that the press will want to hear from her after John's orbit is completed.
3 3 Retroattitude Liz Tigelaar J. Miller Tobin July 2, 2015 4.062M 0.7% 103
It's Scott Carpenter's turn to go up, and as the world - and the Astronaut Wives - ready themselves for his launch, Rene receives the opportunity to tell her own story, in her own words, in LIFE Magazine. Meanwhile, tensions flare as Deke deals with some troubling news of his own that questions his future as an astronaut, but all the while, the women come together to support each other.
4 4 Liftoff Lisa Zwerling J. Miller Tobin July 9, 2015 4.284M 0.8% 104
While the Cold War intensifies and the Cuban Missile Crisis comes to a head, the Mercury 7 families begin glamorous new lives in Houston. But Houston also marks the start of the Gemini Project, and with it, the arrival of the Gemini wives, which changes the dynamic among all the women. Marge and Deke embrace new roles after learning about Deke's permanent status, and Trudy and Gordo's personal "cold war" begins to thaw.
5 5 Flashpoint Derek Simonds Elodie Keene July 16, 2015 4.441M 0.9% 105
As the struggle for Civil Rights upends the nation, the Astro-wives fight their own battles in their marriages and the world at large. Trudy learns of attempts to quash a budding astronaut training program for women, and John Glenn considers a run for public office.
6 6 In the Blind Nate DiMio Patrick Norris July 23, 2015 3.807M 0.6% 106
Astronaut John Glenn has his sights set on a political career and hits the campaign trail with wife Annie and Rene Carpenter by his side as he runs for the Ohio senate, while Alan Shepherd quietly grapples with a personal matter that could ground his career forever. Meanwhile, Betty Grissom receives an unsettling letter regarding Gus that challenges their marriage.
7 7 Rendezvous Becky Hartman Edwards Elodie Keene July 30, 2015 4.074M 0.8% 107
As the Gemini missions are being successfully launched and the Apollo program kicks into high gear, the pressure on the wives grows exponentially. Gemini wife Marilyn Lovell hides an unexpected pregnancy and other wives face an even greater challenge - becoming the first space widows.
8 8 Abort Liz Tigelaar Patrick Norris August 6, 2015 3.527M 0.6% 108
Betty Grissom faces the grim reality that her husband, Gus, is gone. With Gus having died while preparing for a NASA mission, Betty must move forward planning his funeral and a life without him. After receiving word that Gus' death may have been preventable, Betty is determined to get answers in Gus' death and embarks on a battle for justice.
9 9 The Dark Side Casallina Kisakye &
Katie Schwartz
Jon Amiel August 13, 2015 3.198M 0.6% 109
As the country seems to spiral out of control, the wives struggle to find their place in the new world order. Wally's career at NASA ends, and Jo must redefine her role and priorities. Louise wrestles with the fear of losing her husband as Alan considers undergoing risky surgery that will determine his future. Susan Borman grapples with uncertainty as the Apollo 8 mission goes where no man has been before.
10 10 Landing Stephanie Savage &
Lisa Zwerling
Jon Amiel August 20, 2015 3.809M 0.7% 110
It's 1969, and Apollo 11's historic moon landing is cause for worldwide celebration and a high point for the Astro-families. The wives are interviewed for a TV documentary on the space program, Gordo is passed over for the next mission, and Trudy faces some big decisions about her personal and professional future. Betty finds a powerful way to honor Gus's legacy and advocate for change. In April 1970, the nation watches the fraught voyage of Apollo 13.