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Season Seven
The Blacklist
Season Premiere October 4, 2019
Season Finale May 15, 2020
Episode Count 19



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Season Eight

Season Seven of The Blacklist premiered on October 4, 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 19 of the 22 episodes ordered for this season were completed.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
134 1 Louis T. Steinhil (1)
No. 27
John Eisendrath &
Jon Bokenkamp
Bill Roe October 4, 2019 4.052M 0.5%
After being abducted by Katarina Rostova, Reddington finds himself alone in hostile territory unsure of who, if anyone, he can trust. With few leads to go on, Liz and the Task Force venture into unknown danger as they race to find him.
135 2 Louis T. Steinhil: The Conclusion (2)
No. 27
Lukas Reiter Cort Hessler October 11, 2019 3.777M 0.5%
Liz, Dembe and the Task Force continue to search for Red, who attempts to escape his abductors with help from a surprise ally, but discovers he is not Katarina Rostova's only target in her hunt for information.
136 3 Les Fleurs du Mal
No. 151
Kelli Johnson &
Taylor Martin
Lisa Robinson October 18, 2019 3.574M 0.4%
Aram goes undercover to infiltrate a secret society of wealthy thrill-seekers whose entertainment hinges upon spectacular acts of violence. Red tries to negotiate with a former associate involved in the Townsend Directive.
137 4 Kuwait Sean Hennen Stephanie Marquardt October 25, 2019 3.611M 0.5%
Cooper's moral compass is tested when an officer whom he served with as a young man, long presumed to be dead, resurfaces as a POW.
138 5 Norman Devane
No. 138
Noah Schechter Kurt Kuenne November 1, 2019 3.938M 0.6%
Liz and the Task Force investigate an infamous assassin who has a long history of weaponizing diseases but has now turned to even more insidious activities. Red and Dembe travel to Cuba in search of a lead. Aram considers a new relationship.
139 6 Dr. Lewis Powell
No. 130
Sam Christopher Christine Gee November 8, 2019 4.192M 0.6%
Red alerts the FBI to the suspicious death of a scientist specializing in artificial intelligence research. Francesca Campbell further entangles herself in Red's criminal activities.
140 7 Hannah Hayes
No. 125
Daniel Cerone Adam Weisinger November 15, 2019 3.98M 0.5%
The Task Force investigates the unexplained disappearance and sudden re-emergence of a governor. Red and Dembe surveil someone close to Katarina Rostova, as she inadvertently involves Agnes in an operation of her own.
141 8 The Hawaladar
No. 162
Jon Bokenkamp &
Lukas Reiter
Paul Holahan November 22, 2019 3.908M 0.5%
Desperate for information about the whereabouts of a longtime friend, Red directs the task force to find a blacklister who specializes in untraceable money transfers. Liz receives some disturbing news from her daughter, Agnes.
142 9 Orion Relocation Services
No. 159
Sean Hennen &
Taylor Martin
Stephanie Marquardt December 6, 2019 3.665M 0.5%
Red and Liz investigate Orion Relocation Services, an organization that surreptitiously facilitates the disappearance and relocation of criminals. Meanwhile, Katarina delves into the memories of an old friend in order to get additional information about the Townsend Directive.
143 10 Katarina Rostova
No. 3
Daniel Cerone Daniel Willis December 13, 2019 3.866M 0.5%
Red and the Task Force pay a visit to a former Blacklister as an explosive confrontation leads Liz to make a critical choice.
144 11 Victoria Fenberg
No. 137
T Cooper &
Allison Glock-Cooper
Bill Roe March 20, 2020 5.377M 0.8%
With the help of the task force, Red tracks a gifted art forger who has thwarted his plans to sell stolen pieces. Aram's love life becomes increasingly complicated. Liz and Ressler confide in each other.
145 12 Cornelius Ruck
No. 155
Lukas Reiter John Terlesky March 27, 2020 4.732M 0.6%
Secluded on a private island, Red reunites with an old flame and a ring of thieves in a plot to make millions off stolen art. Plans are quickly derailed, however, when guests on the island mysteriously show up dead.
146 13 Newton Purcell
No. 144
Noah Schechter Michael Caracciolo April 3, 2020 4.672M 0.6%
The Task Force investigates a series of attacks on data centers perpetrated by a Blacklister with a peculiar condition. Liz conducts a secret investigation on the side. Glen desperately tries to prove his value to Red after a shipping mishap.
147 14 Twamie Ullulaq
No. 126
Daniel Cerone Victor Nelli, Jr. April 10, 2020 4.864M 0.7%
Blacklist case becomes personal for Agent Park when the team investigates a mysterious disappearance in the Alaska Triangle. Aram enlists Red's help to find out what really happened to Elodie's husband.
148 15 Gordon Kemp
No. 158
Jonathan Shapiro &
Lukas Reiter
Andrew McCarthy April 17, 2020 4.825M 0.6%
A Blacklist case forces Liz to choose sides between Red and the task force. Red tries to calm a panicked Ilya Koslov, who believes he is under surveillance.
149 16 Nyle Hatcher
No. 149
Katie Bockes Tessa Blake April 24, 2020 4.826M 0.6%
Liz and the task force take on a cold case that may have some new victims. Red tries to help a friend of Dembe who is in danger.
150 17 Brothers Sean Hennen Mahesh Pailoor May 1, 2020 4.503M 0.5%
Ressler is forced to confront past trauma and family secrets when his brother takes him back home for a risky job.
151 18 Roy Cain
No. 150
Aiah Samba Daniel Willis May 8, 2020 4.55M 0.6%
As the task force investigates a kidnapping executed by seemingly impossible abductors, Dembe lands in a perilous situation. A recent health scare causes Red to think about a successor.
152 19 The Kazanjian Brothers
No. 156 / 157
Kelli Johnson &
Sam Christopher
Michael Caracciolo May 15, 2020 4.133M 0.5%
The Task Force investigates an accountant who works for lucrative criminals in order to find the violent and thuggish brothers hired for his protection. Meanwhile, Liz must make a momentous decision.

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