The Carmichael Show/Season Two

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Season Two
The Carmichael Show
Season Premiere March 9, 2016
Season Finale May 29, 2016
Episode Count 13



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Season Three

Season Two of The Carmichael Show will premiere on March 9, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
7 1 Everybody Cheats Jerrod Carmichael &
Ari Katcher
Gerry Cohen March 9, 2016 4.091M 1% 2AYX01
When Cynthia sees her Reverend with someone who is not his wife, the family comes together to discuss cheating and consequences. Jerrod is shocked when this family discussion reveals that Maxine is no stranger to infidelity.
8 2 Fallen Heroes Jerrod Carmichael &
Mike Scully
Gerry Cohen March 13, 2016 6.486M 1.4% 2AYX02
When Maxine rejects Jerrod's invitation to a Bill Cosby concert, Jerrod offers the tickets to his parents as an anniversary gift, and the family is divided on whether or not you can appreciate entertainment free from scandal surrounding the entertainer.
9 3 The Funeral Hunter Covington Betsy Thomas March 13, 2016 4.372M 1.1% 2AYX03
When Joe's father passes away, the family debates the most appropriate way to handle his funeral. Because Joe had a complicated relationship with his father, who was anything but a role model, the Carmichaels weigh the pros and cons of traditional funeral pageantry versus a more accurate reflection of his life that may bring Joe some closure.
10 4 Perfect Storm Jerrod Carmichael &
Ari Katcher
Gerry Cohen March 20, 2016 5.059M 1.3% 2AYX05
When Maxine and Jerrod rush out to purchase the Plan B pill following a mishap in the bedroom, they are forced to seek shelter at Joe and Cynthia's as a nasty storm approaches. Taking cover in the basement, everyone soon discovers Jerrod and Maxine's true intentions for the day, resulting in the perfect storm.
11 5 Gentrifying Bobby Laura Gutin Peterson Gerry Cohen March 27, 2016 4.423M 1% 2AYX06
With sudden rent hikes threatening to drive Nekeisha out of her neighborhood, the family is forced to consider the effects of gentrification-and the fact that Jerrod and Bobby are on opposite sides of the issue.
12 6 New Neighbors Emily Gordon Michael Zinberg April 3, 2016 4.676M 1% 2AYX07
Jerrod and Maxine clash over his parents' behavior after a Muslim couple moves in next door. The problem intensifies when his parents see their new neighbors receive a mysterious package and they become determined to investigate.
13 7 Ex Con Aeysha Carr Betsy Thomas April 10, 2016 5.4M 1.1% 2AYX04
When Jerrod's childhood friend gets out of prison after 10 years, the Carmichael's must confront their true feelings about the system, whether or not a person can change, and what responsibilities a community has to look out for each other. Meanwhile, Jerrod must confront how much his own life has changed while Joe and Cynthia find their realist attitudes in conflict with Maxine's idealistic side.
14 8 The Blues Willie Hunter Gerry Cohen April 24, 2016 3.549M 0.7% 2AYX08
When Maxine finds Cynthia in the kitchen crying, she uncovers an uncomfortable possibility that is hard for the whole family to face: Cynthia may be suffering from depression and in need of therapy.
15 9 Facebook Friends Yassir Lester Gerry Cohen May 1, 2016 4.231M 0.9% 2AYX09
Joe joins Facebook and receives a friend request from his high school girlfriend which upsets Cynthia. Meanwhile, the family explores how social media can affect their relationships and what it means to create an online persona.
16 10 Man's World Mike Scully Gerry Cohen May 8, 2016 3.29M 0.7% 2AYX10
When Maxine finds Jerrod's attitude about gender roles is more traditional than she'd thought she challenges those notions, sending the Carmichael men to prove their masculinity by fixing the roof while Maxine tries to prove to Cynthia that a woman can change a tire without a man's help.
17 11 Maxine's Dad Spencer Sloan Gerry Cohen May 15, 2016 3.585M 0.8% 2AYX11
When Maxine's wealthy father comes to town for her graduation, Jerrod and the family find themselves in the middle of a fight over independence, forcing them to debate what a child owes their parents and whether or not their love can be bought.
18 12 Porn Addiction
Sex Scandals
Jerrod Carmichael &
Ari Katcher
Gerry Cohen May 22, 2016 2.631M 0.5% 2AYX12
Cynthia is disturbed after her reverend discusses his porn addiction at service. Joe and the boys admit that they too watch porn and argue there's nothing wrong with it but Jerrod can't help but feel differently when Maxine gets honest as well.
19 13 President Trump Jerrod Carmichael &
Nicholas Stoller
Michael Zinberg May 29, 2016 2.251M 0.4% 2AYX13
Joe decides to vote for Trump after meeting him, much to the dismay of Maxine, as each family member takes up for their candidate. Meanwhile Jerrod attempts to hear all sides of the election debate and attends a Trump rally with Joe.

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