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The Cleveland Show/American Prankster

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American Prankster
Season 3, Episode 17
Airdate April 15, 2012
Written by
Directed by
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The Cleveland ShowSeason Three
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American Prankster is the seventeenth episode of the third season of The Cleveland Show, and the sixtieth episode overall.


Guest Starring:



Plot Overview

While at a gift Shop Rollo decides to buy some items for playing practical jokes.Rollo begins a reign of pranking his friends,and relatives.So far the practical jokes have been harmless.Until Rollo pranks Cleveland Jr.Rollo photographs Junior taking a shower,and later in an auditorium full of people while Junior is giving a lecture on stage.The photo shown to the shock,and laughter of the Audience cause Junior to be kicked out of the Junior Scouts.As punishment for the joke,Donna removes all of Rollo's Games,and Toys.This act of punishment does not faze Rollo as he still has his imagination to entertain himself with.Cleveland feels that Donna lacks the right way of punishing Rollo.So,Donna will allow Cleveland to punish Rollo his way.Cleveland with help from Donna,the Police,and some of the Towns people has Rollo arrested,have a Judge sentence him to Reform School,put in a Cell,and have him watch a Video of what to expect at Reform School.Cleveland's plan was to scare Rollo into ending his pranking people once,and for all.Clevelands plan worked in a way,until Rollo escapes the Cell,and hides out in the Woods.Donna,and the others panic,and desperately searches for Rollo.Junior finds Rollo,and informs him that the whole arrest,and trial things was a hoax to scare him out of pranking.Rollo is both relieved,and angry.So,he decides to fake his death to scare Donna,and Cleveland by first making a dummylike figure putting his own clothes on the dummy,and tossing it off the Cliff to scare Donna,and Cleveland.He then plans to disappear,and come Home years later to shock them even more.As he is getting undressed,Rollo slips off the Cliff,and lands in the River.Junior remembering his training as a swimmer jumps into the River to save him.Junior succeeds.As a result of Junior saving Rollo,he is reinstated into the Scout,and awarded a Badge for courage.As for Rollo he still goes about pranking despite nearly lossing his life.His prank is on Cleveland Sr. for whom he tricks into putting his hand in front of his face so that Rollo can push it hard hitting his face.


Arc Advancement


Cleveland Jr,showing slides.The Family in Church when the Police enters to (pretend) to arrest Rollo.Rollo slips off the Cliff,and falls into the River.


Cleveland Sr,Donna,Rollo,Cleveland Jr,Roberta,Scout Master etc.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The Brown Family gathering in the Kitchen for Dinner,all of them showing that they have been pranked by Rollo.Donna removing all of Rollo's Games,and Toys.Cleveland Jr using an object to save Rollo from drowning.


  • Donna: You don't want to get Donna'd!