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The Cleveland Show/Das Shrimp Boot

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Das Shrimp Boot
Season 3, Episode 13
Airdate March 11, 2012
Written by
Directed by
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March Dadness
The Cleveland ShowSeason Three
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Das Shrimp Boot is the thirteenth episode of the third season of The Cleveland Show, and the fifty-sixth episode overall.


Guest Starring:



Plot Overview

Cleveland,and Family prepare to go on a Cruise Ship to see the 70's Musical Group,The Commadores.Cleveland wants to make extra Money to use on the Cruise Ship,so he works late hours.Working hard on the late hours Cleveland almost cannot stay awake nearly falling asleep at the Wheel of of his Car.He stops at a Convienient Store for some Coffee,but is encourage to take some pills that would keep him awake.Cleveland takes the pills,but having not read the instructions consumes more than one at each consumption.He becomes an addict.Donna,the Family,and Friends notice the changes in Cleveland,and plans an intervention.They decide to send Cleveland to a Rehab Center.Not wanting to feel alone there(since he won't know anybody)Clevelands Friends Lester,Tim the Bear,and Holt will accompany him(since they also have problems that they need to rehabilitate).They are there for only a short,and having listened to some others problems Cleveland decides to escape.His friends will remain to get the rehabilitation.Cleveland misses the Cruise,the one where Donna,and the Family have decided to take.Cleveland attempts to catch up to the Ship,but only manages to nearly drown.He is rescued by some Pirates,who take him Prisoner.Cleveland learns that the Pirates are planning to Seajack the Ship that his Family,and other Passengers are on.Cleveland manages to jump off the Pirate Ship,swim,and gets picked up by Junior who was fishing.He tries to warn the Passengers of the Pirates coming to take over the Ship,but is too late.The Pirates take over the Ship,but thanks to Cleveland still having some of the Energy Pills,he saves the Day(sans one Commadores Member).


Arc Advancement


Cleveland works from Sunup to Sundown.


Cleveland,Donna,Roberta,Rollo,Cleveland Jr,Lester,Tim the Bear,Holt,Kendra,Arianna,Cookie,Freight Train,Hank Hill,the Pirates,and the Commadores.



Hank Hill makes a cameo appearance in this episode.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

While Cleveland is attempting to stay awake,he imagines an image of Donny Darko.After consuming some of the Energy Pills for the first time,Cleveland sees images from his birth to his death.

Memorable Moments

Cleveland taking the Energy Pills in various scenes:defeating the Pirates on the Cruise Ship,and swimming away from the Cruise Ship like a Dolphin.Holt imagining himself as the Church Lady(a Character played on "Saturday Night Live" back in the 1980's.