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The Blue, the Gray and the Brown
Season 2, Episode 15
Airdate March 6, 2011
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The Cleveland ShowSeason Two
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The Blue, the Gray and the Brown is the fifteenth episode of the second season of The Cleveland Show, and the thirty-sixth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

After learning that a Movie Theatre is going to be closed(a Historic Landmark),Cleveland takes the matter to the Town Council to keep the Theatre open.He succeeds.Having learned of Clevelands efforts in getting the Theatre saved from closing,a Man from the Stoolbend Prevervasions Society name E.Emerson Plunkett talks to Cleveland about preverving another Historicle Landmark,a Statue of E.Plunketts Great-Grandfather.Cleveland is invited to sit in on a discussing about Preverving the Statue.The Members of the Committee want Cleveland to lead the efforts in preserving the Statue.Cleveland agrees to lead the fight to preserve the Statue.What Cleveland dose'nt know is that the fight he is leading is a fight to preserve the Statue of E.Emerson Plunkett Sr,a a Confederate General,and Slave Owner.Cleveland succeeds in preserving the Statue(he actually chained himself to the Statue to prevent the City from Bulldozing it),but to his great shock,he learns who the Statue commemortates.Realizing he had been used,Cleveland works to get even with E.Emerson Plunkett by altering the Reinactment of the Historic Battle of Stoolbend,by making sure that the North win.With the help of Tim the Bear,Holt,Terry,another Patron at the Stoolbend Bar,and later Lester,who being a Southerner would fight for the South,win the Battle for the North.


Arc Advancement


The Brown Family go out for the evening to their favorite Theatre.


Cleveland,Donna,Roberta,Cleveland Jr,Rollo,Lester,Tim the Bear,Holt,Terry,E.Emerson Plunkett.



Edward Asner is the voice of a Narrator.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Cleveland accompied by the Town Residents sing a Song about their beloved Stoolbend.

Memorable Moments

Cleveland crying after learning that his favorite Theatre is going to close.Holt in one scene fires at the actors playing the Confederate Soldier,and saying Daddy repeatedely while crying.