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About Face
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate June 20, 2005
Production Number 2T6001
Written by James Duff
Directed by Michael M. Robin
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The Big Picture
The Closer (2005)Season One
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About Face is the second episode of the first season of The Closer.

Starring: Kyra Sedgwick (Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson), J.K. Simmons (Assistant Chief Will Pope), Corey Reynolds (Sgt. David Gabriel), Robert Gossett (Captain Russell Taylor), G.W. Bailey (Detective Lt. Louie Provenza), Tony Denison (Detective Lt. Andy Flynn)

and Jon Tenney (Fritz Howard)

Guest Starring: Michael Paul Chan (Detective Lt. Mike Tao), Gina Ravera (Detective Irene Daniels), Raymond Cruz (Detective Julio Sanchez), Brad Rowe (Dean Kingsley), Rachel Boston (Jennifer), James Avery (Dr. Crippen), Kate Norby (Lindsey Hagan), Natalija Nogulich (Kingsley's Lawyer), Will Snow (Donnie Holt), Una Damon (Janine), Jennifer O'dell (Allison Metcalfe), Scarlett (Isabelle)

Co-Starring: Helen Tucker (Heather Kingsley), Adam Lieberman (Joe Melnick), Philip P. Keene (Buzz)


Plot Overview

Brenda is driving herself and having trouble finding her way around LA. She is able to find her way to the crime scene by following a patrol car going in the right direction.

Heather Kingsley, a model, was found dead in her shower. There are no immediate suspicious circumstances, but it has been designated a crime scene to make sure that nothing has been overlooked in such a potentially high profile case.

After walking through the crime scene, Brenda notices that the victim had been shaving her legs, but there is no razor in the crime scene.

The investigation into Heather's life, quickly leads to her husband Dean, who seems to be a pathological cheater. As Brenda tracks back through Heather Kingsley's final days, going to the hair dresser, Heather's personal shopper, Heather's makeup artist, she is quickly able to find several woman who had affairs with Dean. In each case, Dean broke it off with the woman, saying there was a prenuptial agreement with his wife that would leave him with nothing.

Fritz is able to get some results from the FBI toxicologist for Brenda, indicating nicotine poisoning delivered through the scalp.

Flynn finds some nicotine in a pesticide at the Kingsley household.

Brenda is able to confirm that Dean Kingsley had an alibi, Tao confirms that the nicotine Flynn found does not match the nicotine used to kill Heather Kingsley and there was no prenuptial agreement.

Brenda sends Flynn to arrest Dean Kingsley before heading out for the evening. On her way to the elevator, Provenza stops her to talk to her about her new hairdo.

When she arrives back in the morning, she finds that her order to arrest Kingsley was countermanded and no one on her squad told her. Furious, she storms out to arrest Dean Kingsley herself. Gabriel follows her to the elevator and convinces Brenda to let him help her arrest Kingsley.

In interview, Brenda threatens to arrest Dean Kingsley and book him for murder if he doesn't help her. She intimates that the nicotine in the house was used to kill Heather. Then she challenges Dean that one of his affairs actually believed the story about the prenuptial agreement, and killed Heather.

Dean provides Brenda with a list of all the women he had affairs with and lied to about the prenuptial agreement, and signs a custody agreement releasing custody of the child that resulted from his affair.

Brenda returns to the pregnant hair dresser she encountered while retracing Heather Kingsley's last days. She is able to get a confession by offering the custody agreement, allowing the woman's baby to be raised by anyone she wants.


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Memorable Moments


  • Pope: By the way, your hair looks great.
Brenda: Yeah, thanks. I like yours too.
  • Provenza: Flynn, when have you ever known me to go out of my way to help anyone, ever.
  • Brenda: Look Sergeant, if you are afraid of helping me, I am perfectly capable of arresting him on my own.
Gabriel: Yes, you could do that. But I want you to think about something first.
Brenda: What?
Gabriel: When you handcuff Dean Kingsley and put him in the back of your car, you're going to have helicopters, news vans and millions of television viewers all escorting you back here to Parker Center.
Brenda: So?
Gabriel: So, are you absolutely certain that you can, by yourself, drive back here without getting lost?